Summer Party Cluj

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Summer Party Cluj


The event will start on 2012/06/22 07:00:00 PM till 2012/06/24 07:00:00 PM.


Cluj-Napoca, Romania, EMEA


This event is owned by Alex.lakatos


It is estimated that 10-50 people will be at the event.


A Hack Jam to support the global Mozilla Summer Party

Bugs Associated

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Swag ticket : 761918


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This event is in support of the global Mozilla Summer Party. It is organized with three tracks:

  • a learning track for new contributors, to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • a track for creating 2 Boot to Gecko apps
  • a track for new localizers to onboard, and translate Mozilla websites

Metrics for Success

Metric 1: Flashlight B2G app

  • Success scenario: There is a Flashlight app in Mozilla Marketplace

Metric 2: Brainstormed app

  • Success scenario: There is a working concept app in the event organization repo.

Metric 3: Localization

  • Success scenario: is localized in romanian


Social Media


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