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Hello Mozillians!

With the recent release of Jetpack 0.5 and the second preview of the web-based Firefox Add-ons Builder, we thought it would be fun to hold an Add-ons contest for Summit participants. The Rocket Your Firefox Add-on Contest starts now, and anyone who attends the Summit is invited to download the Firefox Add-on Builder SDK, or use the web-based Firefox Add-ons Builder to create an add-on. We'll end submissions at noon on Friday, July 9th, and announce our winners later that day. Prizes are a secret, but rest assured they will be exclusive and worthy of a Rocket Your Firefox winner.

Please submit a link to your add-on entry here: Add-on entry form

We will be selecting one winner in each of the following categories:

Most Useful

  • Will your add-on save the world?
  • How indispensible is the add-on?
  • How many people in the world would benefit from your add-on?

Most Creative

  • Has the add-on been done before?
  • Would it have received millions in funding during the 1990's dot-com boom?
  • Will we know it when we see it?

Most Fun

  • Does your add-on cause uncontrollable laughter?
  • Can your add-on be used without smiling?
  • Does your add-on create joy for more than one person?

We're looking forward to seeing all the amazing add-ons that will be submitted, so get your add-on on and start cranking out awesomeness with the Firefox Add-ons Builder!

To read more about the latest preview release of the web-based Firefox Add-ons Builder visit this thread in the Jetpack community group.

Note: Can you code in Javascript but don't have an idea? Do you have an idea for a Jetpack add-on but can't code in Javascript? There is a jetpack ideas page here to post and share ideas and connect people.