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The Summit Working Group ("SWG") is an assembly of resident subject-matter experts (and future experts) who will convene "pods" to collaborate, make recommendations, and consult with the event vendor about specific areas related to the Summit. The SWG broadens ownership of this event providing leadership opportunities for key, internal stakeholder groups.


The SWGs and their pods will help the rest of the organization know and understand the Summit 2013 plan, process, and timeline. This group will be offered to the organization as Summit points of contact available to answer or direct questions, share progress, manage feedback and input from Mozillians and act as a reference point for those wanting to help.


We have made some initial nominations for lead positions on the working groups below. The Steering Committee is reviewing these currently and we should have final approval on them by April 3rd. From there, we'll invite our nominees to the groups. This process should be complete and names posted by April 30th (hopefully sooner).

Once we have leads determined, those folks will become points of intake for anyone who's excited to participate and join a pod.

Time Commitment

The SWG leads will convene at least once/month during April, May, and June and July, and more frequently in July, August and September (2x month). Meetings will last 60 - 90 minutes depending on content. Leads and their pods will work in tight partnership with Mardi and the our event planner (who will typically attend meetings) to ensure recommendations and decisions are aligned to enable a connected Summit experience. Leads can decide how often their pods need to meet their commitments.

Summit Working Group Leads can anticipate dedicating at least 4-hours of their time each month (pod lead participation will vary).

Summit Working Groups and Pods


This group will take care to make sure all participant touch points feel like they are part of the same event and part of Mozilla (think about the last time you went to Disney Land). These folks will play largely a consultative role working closely with our event vendor.

Experience pods

  • Branding: Works with the creative team to develop event theme, tags lines, imagery (brand guidelines).
 Consults on collateral creation (where the images go, how they manifest - gear, stickers, signage, etc.) as recommended by our global event planner.
  • Memories: Works as a consultant to our event vendor to help with the application of our branding and other experiences (helps to make sure it all feels “Mozilla”).
  • Attendance [Pierros + William Q]: Determines our approach and process for volunteer invitations (how we decide who goes where). Consults with tools lead, Webdev + event vendor to implement the registration process.
  • Executives + BOD: In partnership with the whole EA group, oversees the care and feeding of Mozilla executives and participating BOD Members. Coordinates attendance (who goes where) and travel plans provides ad hoc support for this group. Works with event planner + contractor to create and distribute Executive Guides to the Summit.


The group will closely partner with the event vendor + the experience SWG to make decisions and recommendations about technical solutions + tools that will result in flawless execution and an amazing, connected experience for participants. his group will also help us make the Summit a place to play with, investigate, and/or create other or better ways of working together in a globally connected way beyond the Summit.

Technology pods

  • IT: Technical POC for event vendor to ensure technical equipment/wifi is managed at each regional location and all necessary A/V is available and ready to use. Coordination of all live streaming efforts, whatever that requirement may be.
  • Tools: Building/refining/recommending the communication tools will will used to demonstrate global connectedness during the Summit (data visualizations, Yammer groups, mobile apps, etc.). Will work closely with the experience SWG and the event vendor for execution and inspiration. Owns feedback / data collection / pulse survey.
  • Website: Develop, create and help support Summit website so Mozillians have a great space to access event information including registration stats (like who’s going where and from where). Investigate and recommend connection with event planner registration system.


This group will work very closely with the event planner to provide budget oversight, regular budgetary updates to SC and SWG leads, and manage approvals for all budget spending (coordinates payments). This group will tells folks what goes on corp card, what doesn’t. And generally dictate how we pay for stuff related to the Summit.


This is a small team dedicated to the oversight of the event content and co-creation of content structure (story arc).

Content development pods

  • Summit planning assembly
  • Show flow / themes: Participates in Summit Planning Assembly to help draw out the content story. Works with event facilitators (Unconference) and event planners (producers) to map out each day (of the Summit aka: Show Flow).


We want to celebrate and honor the diversity of our tribe throughout the Summit. This group will manage the details of anything with a regional flare (Moz Spaces, regional events, localization), working with the experience group and event planner to make sure everything feels connected.

Regional relations pods

  • MozSpaces: Recommend ways to use Moz Spaces during the event. Work with WPR to make sure local Moz Spaces are available, setup, lovely for visitors (catering, branding, etc.).
  • Local Flare: Create regional planning committees who will act as hosts in each region. Work with event planner to make food suggestions Help where needed with venue selection Recommend and help coordinate special events (sightseeing tours, for example). Help with World Fair (Fare) - make sure employees + vols.
  • Localization: Recommends elements of event communications (before and during) that should be localized and the languages. Organizes l10n teams to help localize content.


Oversees specific elements of the event (including the Summit Planning Assembly) in connection with event planner where appropriate.

Legal, Privacy & Immigration pods

  • Privacy: Ensure Summit application, attendance, vendor communications and registrations systems/processes, and all other comms align with Mozilla's privacy standards.
  • Contracts: Ensure all Summit vendors have appropriate contracts in place and have undergone legal review. Work closely with event planner to ensure Mozilla has adequate liability coverage for various venues and that they comply with safety and security regulations. Ensure Mozilla has security measures in place for each event/venue.
  • Immigration: Manage visa process for folks who need it.
  • Global travel insurance: Ensure policies in place for staff and arranged for volunteers as appropriate.


Given what we are trying to do, we may want to include a variety of non-Mozillians in our event. This group will make recommendations for inclusion and oversee the logistics necessary to have them attend.

External engagement pods

  • Partners: Recommend strategy for attendance / participation (who goes where, what they will do)
  • Press: Determines when/where/if to include press.
  • Users/Casual: Makes recommendation for how / why to include casual contributors (non-core Mozillians).


The Summit is an event in time, to be preserved and experienced in the moment. And, if we are successful there, we will come up with ideas, and tools, and memes, and solutions. This group is responsible for capturing the journey to create the 2013 Mozilla Summit, figuring out how to showcase what happens there, and most importantly, comes up with a way to document/capture/save/preserve our learnings and ideas. This working group will also figure out how to follow the ideas generated at the Summit, through time (probably one year later).