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Working Groups

More information about the condensed timeline for the working groups will be communicated shortly

Site Hosts

Responsibilities of a Site Host

Site Hosts

  • Safe place to ask questions
  • Act as an ambassador to the participants in that location
  • Be an advocate for the process at the Summit
  • Observe and then provide feedback as to how the event went

Site Host Leads

  • Setting up a communication channel for the group
  • Moderating bi-weekly meetings leading up to the Summit
  • Helping the group finalize and execute on what being a ‘host’ means in their location
  • Attending regular meetings with the other Site Host Leads to coordinate efforts and share ideas
  • Coordinating efforts of Site Hosts during the Summit

Site Host Program Driver

  • Coordinate and guide the efforts of all of the Site Host Leads (empowering them but also keeping them on-track)
  • Ensure basic continuity of the host tasks at each location (please see 'Host Responsibilities' above)
  • Make sure the hosts at each Summit have a concrete plan and resources that they need in order to be a success!



More information will then follow after July 15th will come directly from your Host Lead