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NB: we are only doing SUMO forums (i.e. support questions on for Firefox Desktop), not doing other products like Firefox for Android and NOT doing social ie. not doing twitter but we do that next All Hands maybe?!?! (idea: Twitter could be a "bonus round" if people get tired of the forums?)


  • Although we have 1.5 hours, I would like to wrap up after 1 hour. We will have jetlagged folks and Wednesday 4p.m. is about the time for exhaustion / burnout to start :-)

Elective timeline

10 minute intro to answering support questions

Google Slides of the following:

  • who we are - 6 employees: 1 manager (Patrick Mcclard), 1 mobile person (Roland Tanglao), 1 community manager (Rachel McGuigan), 1 project manager (Madalina Ana), 1 content editor (Joni Savage), 1 l10n community manager (vesper aka Michał Dziewonski) plus many fabulous volunteers
  • what we do: write user documentation aka "SUMO KB articles", l10n of those articles + answer support forum questions + social support
  • average day vs release week volume of support questions - and how many are answered by volunteers: 3000 per week during 57 release week, about 1000 three weeks after 57 release week
  • code of conduct
  • how to answer support questions
  • quick Q&A

Separate into four groups in each of the room's corners

- each group will have:

  1. an experienced sumo volunteer or sumo staff member
  2. easy questions that haven't been answered in the last 48 hours and they will use the group sumo userid to answer them
    1. group1 u:austingroup1
    2. group1 u:austingroup2
    3. group1 u:austingroup3
    4. group1 u:austingroup4
  3. 1 pager
  • groups answer support questions for 10 minutes (15 minutes maybe? we want to involve people) - the goal is to reply to at least two questions
  • 5 minutes to go around 4 corners, discuss the previous 10 minutes
  • answer more support questions for 10 minutes
  • 5 minutes go around 4 corners, discuss the previous 10 minutes
    • the above happens 3-4 times, depending on crowd energy (should last for at least 2 rounds, hopefully)
  • 5 minute wrap up
  • 5 minutes personal support story anecdotes
  • (Even if participants do not want to answer questions long term, ask for people to keep in touch with SUMO, we would appreciate their help)
  • done


Crazy sticker ideas from Noah:

  • "I answered questions for SUMO and all I got was this cool sticker"
  • "I like my questions like I like my phone calls: answered"
  • "I help therefore Firefox users are"

Obviously let's give out SUMO logo stickers. Plus an assortment of cool Mozilla ones!

Top Group who has most solutions, could get a slightly elevated prize? Be prepared for a possible tie ;)

Perhaps a SUMO/Fx 57 logo mug or fox hat/beanie? :)

Yak Shaving :-)

For those who like to know everything :-)