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MozCamp LATAM 2012

April 20th-22nd 2012

The communities

Mozilla Hispano and the national Spanish speaking communities and the Brazilian community were present. Mostly everyone from Latinamerica but also Spanish members of the Hispano community

The SUMO sessions

  1. Presentation about how to promote SUMO and attract new contributors: we tried a very energizing presentation remarkin the fun aspects of SUMO but also how easy it is to help. We got possitive feedback from the attendants. The highlight was a superhero phone booth and the appeareance of a Superhero, that stands for all the great work our SUMO contributors do.
  2. Interactive session, that was a little too short, but we sat down with around 15 contributors and talk in depth about the challenges around support. Since most of the contributors are mostly involved with translation the discussion was alot around the translation process. Finding new contributors is also a big challenge for all.

The phone booth and the cape butler

We tried two new ideas, one being a phone booth that we used as a metaphor for how easy it is to help (and in our metaphor become a superheroe). It attracted new poeple to our booth so we could talk about Army of Awesome, which is a great way of getting started. In the booth we had a simple form to enrol the "cape butler" program. This is just a reminder to help on SUMO that you can choose to get 1, 2, 3 or 4 times a month. You can see the form and sign in here:

The community work day

On the community work day we attended a presentation from the Hispano support group. We were amazed to see al the strategies they have. Specially it was a delight to listen to Antonio Noctuido, a support champion that has helped Firefox users for 8 years! He has great tipps and we want to work with him on building a tool box for contributors so that everyone can profit from his longyear experience and his passionate approach to support.


  1. start community discussions on the contributor forum to share individual approaches towards localization work
  2. look into ways of automatizing some of the localization processes/improve localization tools
  3. follow-up with Antonio (Noctuido) on his tips & tricks regarding Firefox support
  4. align with sumo-dev on Army of Awesome enhancements
  5. continue working on growing visibility for SUMO at future MozCamps