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Community communication channels

The SUMO Community has various communication channels across platforms. This document list downs those various channels and explains the different purpose and nature of each of them.

Please note that these channels are intended for community discussion. Product related questions should always go to the user forum.

Currently populated channels

Channel URL Purpose Visibility level
Matrix SUMO General

Social Contributors (by invite)

Support Platform
Public Matrix channels for general support and platform discussion. Public

Important: confidential content should never be shared.
SUMO Contributor Forum Main
General Sub
Main forum for discussions about the SUMO community. This forum includes threads specifically related to SUMO forum, Social Support, KB and Localization. This forum is the best channel to notify the forum community about any issue or updates on ongoing problems. Public
Discourse Link Similar with the SUMO Forum, Discourse is used for discussions about the SUMO community. This forum includes threads related to SUMO, KB, Localization and Social. Public
Twitter @FirefoxSupport

SUMO official support Twitter account

SUMO account for community-specific announcement.
SUMO Blog Blog link Sumo Community blog, with regular public announcement of relevant content related to the community. Public
Slack Link

Main NDA: #sumo_community

Social Contributors: #casual_social_support
SUMO Channels for NDA discussion. NDA only
Google Group Social Support Google Group

Play Store Support Google Group
Google Groups for Social Support and Play Store Support members to discuss program-specific information. NDA and invite-only

Communication content strategy

The current strategy is focused on improving and fasten the identification of the best channel for an efficient and secure communication.

Topic Channels
  • Facing an issue
  • Community discussion
  • How to contribute/localize/request
  • Advanced bugs
  • Meet your local community
  • SUMO Contributors dedicated forum
  • Discourse (check the accessibility level)
  • Matrix/Slack
  • Weekly Community calls
  • Information on the Sprints
  • Community discussion
  • SUMO Contributor forum or Discourse
  • NDA protected information
  • NDA-only channels
  • Twitter and Social help
  • Matrix/Slack/Google groups
  • Updates and relevant news on the Community
  • SUMO Blog