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These are some ideas for the forum that we don't currently plan to implement. Depending on future needs, we may revisit them.

  • Put info on what articles the user has read and what they've searched for in the original post. This would let us know what the user has already tried.
  • Have the user choose a general category for their problem, and put their question in a subforum based on the category chosen. They could let contributors see only the questions on subjects they're interested in.
  • Automatically linking common terms like Profile folder to KB articles if we find contributors don't do it themselves.
  • Give contributors buttons to post common pieces of text, such as for dealing with off-topic posts.
  • Rather than marking a question as answered, mark a post as answering the question, which would tie into a points system for contributors.
  • Notify users with a message on the site when their post gets a reply.
  • Before posting a thread, display search results based what the user has typed.
  • "Watch this topic" that notifies when the thread gets answered