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Sumo will be run by volunteers. The more contributors we get, the better we'll be.

KB edits have died down since alpha/beta. What can we do?

Get new contributors

Barrier to entry fairly high. Need to know enough about Firefox, about writing, about our processes. The only one we can affect is our processes, so make it as easy as possible.

  • More prominently ask people for contributions.
    • "Edit article" even for people not logged in
    • Say we need contributors on the home page
  • Implement the process for editing/review
  • Tighten up Style Guide/Best Practices to make it easier to find info.
  • SpeadFirefox campaign

Get mozillaZine forum contributors

The mozillaZine forum has a very large pool of contributors. We need to make a lot of effort to get these people helping us.

If contributors don't use sumo when providing support, they won't improve it either. Contributors are still using mozillaZine KB as a reference. Why?


  • Lead by example to get it kick started (starting providing support in the forum with sumo links)
  • Communicate with top contributors to promote sumo and get feedback on why they're not using it
    • Makes use of bookmarks of mozillaZine KB (1)
    • Info not complete as compared to mozillaZine KB (1)

mozillaZine sticky threads

Firefox support forum has sticky threads that point to mozillaZine content. Having these threads point to sumo would greatly increase our visibility among both end users and contributors.

  • Make sure our pages for the most common issues are clearly better than mozillaZine's
  • Not sure of the level of support for sumo among moderators - completely against/indifferent/for sumo?

mozillaZine search

  • Are mozillaZine folk open to adding a sumo search box?

Not aware of sumo

  • The other items will help with this
  • Another announcement in forums giving the current state

Sumo doesn't have the content

  • Need more contributors (need contributors to get more contributors)

Makes sense to link to the same site

  • Will have to wait for our forums

Get mozillaZine KB contributors

  • Few but proven contributors. Find if anyone's who's contributing to Firefox docs on mozillaZine and aren't contributing to sumo and contact them.

Get previous sumo contributors active again

  • Get people aware of the article list in Bugzilla, keep the momentum from alpha/beta going

Get Help Viewer Project members to help out

  • Existing content is high quality - migrate it to sumo.
  • Make them aware of the content we have that they don't.[1]