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This document refers to the search rewrite of Q4 2009.


  • Improve index time (should be able to index at least once/hour).
    • Move from Sphinx 0.9.8 to 0.9.9.
    • Replace xmlpipe2 with direct SQL access.
  • Improve advanced search.
    • Implement new UI. [1]
    • Meaningful options for both knowledge base and forums.
  • Improve spelling suggestions.
    • Move from SOUNDEX to Aspell.
      • Dramatically improve suggestions.
      • Will hopefully improve performance.


Search v3 is the primary goal of SUMO 1.5. Our current schedule is to code freeze on November 24th and release on December 3rd.


The Search v3 branch has been merged into trunk and the branch is closed.

The Search v3 code is now up on our normal staging server.

The username/password is "support"/"stage".


The current sphinx.conf provides the indices, with the indicate attributes:


Returns a threadId (for a thread)

attr name type description
forumid int
author_ord int crc32(userName)
status int crc32(status)
created timestamp
last_updated timestamp
replies int number of replies
authors multi int crc32(userName) for all posters in the thread


Returns a threadId (for a specific post)

attr name type description
threadid int threadId of the actual thread (not the post)
author_ord int crc32(userName)
status int crc32(status)
forumid int forum id for the thread
created timestamp


Returns a page_id

attr name type description
lastmodif timestamp
locale int crc32(lang)
tag int multi crc32(tag)
category int multi categId