Sync Perf and Screenshot Demo

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Sync Performance

Just a little proof of concept in hopes it can spark other tooling projects.

Problem: about:sync-tabs sometimes is blank. Why?

Solution: Let's use a Command Line sync client to fetch data, then graph it over time.


  • Use
    • bin/sync-cli.js -e EMAILl -p <pw> -t
  • run this on a jenkins instance at some interval
  • Send total time to firebase cloud data store so we don't have to install anything or write db code.
  • create an html page that uses a library to fetch firebase json output.


l10n screenshots

Problem: We translate into a lot of different languages. Let's display them in a tableau or single view for quick verification. It needs to be simple because I'm lazy.

Solution: Use phantom.js/slimer.js on jenkins

  • phantom and slimer are headless (for the most part) implementations of webkit and gecko. Let's run simple script on jenkins and capture screen shots and output.