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Weekly Report

Astley Chen

CSS Masking - positioned mask

  • bug 1283679 - mask-composite: subtract is supported as misspelled 'substract' value.
    • land
  • bug 1284169 - assertion failed: did not list properties in nsCSSProperty order
    • land
  • bug 1251161 - Ship mask-* longhand properties support

CORS (Corss-Origin Resource Sharing)

Boris Chiou

  • SVG
    • bug 1245751 - Allow href attribute without xlink on SVG elements
      • r?
  • mfbt
    • bug 1276573 - Add a new constructor accepting two RangedPtr<T> arguments
      • r+ | land


  • bug 652991- SVG path fill rendering can break after window.history.pushState
    • r?
  • bug 1280707 - resolve mask-image-1a.html, mask-mode-b.html try failure on linux platform
    • stuck

Jeremy Chen

layout code refactoring

  • bug 906116 - replace NS_STYLE_HINT_FRAMECHANGE with nsChangeHint_ReconstructFrame, etc.
    • r+ | land


  • bug 1223880 - Implement initial-letter (from CSS Inline Layout Module Level 3)
    • keep adding tests


  • bug 1285123 - caret bar blinks with an odd shift, sometimes even with a weird text shadow
    • file | DUPLICATE of bug 1276467 - Style Editor caret looks weird (and text is duplicated on
  • bug 1284781 - Samples opened in JSFiddle will fail if CSS includes HTML escapes like  
    • file
  • bug 1269639 - 48.0a2 Firefox Developer Edition release notes wrongly state the default backend of GNU/Linux
    • filed but no action for 2 months
    • ni?
  • RDSS 2016 first-half review report

Shing Lyu

  • WIP:
    • #11302: Selection or insertion point renders incorrectly when inside ligature
    • #11107: Bug 10452 - Page Load Time Test Runner
    • Studying the status of flexbox implementation
  • Preparing COSCUP talk

Tingyu Lin


  • bug 1098939 - Implement CSS shape-outside property
    • Hacking border-radius with shape-box.


AccessibleCaret on Fennec

  • bug 1283828 - Crash in nsContentUtils::ComparePoints | mozilla::AccessibleCaretManager::RestrictCaretDraggingOffsets
    • land
    • Request uplift to Aurora and Beta
  • bug 1266922 - Remove checking "visibilitychange" reason from ActionBarHandler.js
    • land
  • bug 1255555 - Can't add text selection up or down because page scrolls
    • review
  • bug 1285273 - Crash in nsLayoutUtils::FindNearestCommonAncestorFrame
    • r+
  • bug 1285019, bug 1285273.



Rule of Thumb

Status code:

  • OOAD: In analysis or design phase.
  • WIP: working on WIP patch.
  • feedback(f): feedback a patch
  • feedback?(f?): WIP is ready for feedback grant.
  • feedback+(f+): Get positive feedback.
  • feedback-(f-): Get negative feedback.
  • review(r): review a patch.
  • review?(r?): patch is under review
  • review+(r+): get review+ and ready to check-in
  • review-(r-): get negative review feedback. Fix problems and switch back to r? again.
  • land: patch check in.
  • debug: Figure out the root cause of a bug/ try to repro that bug, etc...
  • file: file a bug
  • PTO: take personal leave
  • interview(I)
  • study: Spend time on domain knowledge study, such as multimedia transport technology, compress format, real-time rendering.
  • presentation
    • Write a personal blog, which is relative to work, such as articles on MozTech, or what you experience in a work week.
    • WIKI/ MDN article writing.
    • If you write a technical blog or anything relative to work, it's welcome to share it on weekly report.
    • Do a presentation of technical topics

Status code combination rule
Combine status code with "|". For example


Which means you work on both OOAD and WIP in the last week.

land status code
If your patch is target for specific branch, instead of central, postfix branch version. For exp

** land(1.4)