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Weekly Report

Astley Chen


  • bug 1292447 - Shrink the number of properties which return used value as resolved value for getComputedStyle.

CSS Masking

  • bug 1301638 - Using runtime pref to enable/ disable CSS mask properties.
    • WIP
  • bug 1304684 - Every test in w3c-css/submitted/masking/ will fail when Gecko 51 is merged to beta on November 7th

HTML Video Control

Boris Chiou

Web Animations API

  • bug 1272549 - Support paced spacing for transform
    • WIP
  • bug 1304805 - test_animation_observers.html | [set_spacing:subtree] records after animation is changed - number of records - got +0, expected 1
    • land

Cameron McCormack


  • bug 1305376 - use nsTArray to store cursor property values
    • land
  • bug 1298774 - use URLValue / ImageValue for all computed url() value storage
    • r+
  • bug 1288302 - Stylo: implement support for background-image: url()
    • WIP


  • bug 1300720 - [e10s] Crash in mozalloc_abort | NS_DebugBreak | ErrorLoadingBuiltinSheet when using specific user.js
    • land


  • bug 1279409 - CSS mix-blend-mode and clip-path don't work when combined (on HTML element)
    • land
  • bug 1267312 - A mochitest to verify that when text-decoration-color is currentColor,
    • land
  • bug 1302779 - CSS clip-path referencing an inline SVG does not work if document url is not identical to base url
    • land
  • bug 1305636 - Opacity in nsSVGUtils::PaintFrameWithEffects is applied twice.
    • land
  • bug 1304991 - Null-deref in ComputeMaskGeometry with mask image property
    • land
  • bug 1267312 -Create test cases for css-masking + clip-path + opacity
    • land
  • bug 1304011 -css-mask works not correctly on a inline element
    • land

Jeremy Chen


  • Archaeology & findings
    • current rendering of floating :first-letter in Firefox is a bit different from that in Chrome/Safari
    • the plan is to match the rendering result of :first-letter w/ initial-letter
    • after shipping initial-letter, we can reprioritize if we'd like to render floating :first-letter w/o initial-letter as Chrome/Safari do (for WebCompat reason)

Shing Lyu

Tingyu Lin

Details & Summary

  • bug 1304441 - Assertion failure: !summary || !summary->IsMainSummary()
    • r-
    • Needs clarification on the spec, and needs to try another approach.


  • bug 1300905 - [e10s] when selected text is pressed using finger for copying purpose, the selection disappears and context menu is not displayed
    • review
  • bug 1293483 - Don't show the accessible / touch caret when the mouse is the source of the event
    • review
  • bug 1307027 - The tip of caret is covered by input area
    • file | r?
  • bug 1307100 - Floating toolbar does not hide when the selection highlight is scrolled out of viewport
    • file | find regression
  • bug 1307098 - Floating toolbar covers the carets when enabling full screen browsing
    • file | find regression


Rule of Thumb

Status code:

  • OOAD: In analysis or design phase.
  • WIP: working on WIP patch.
  • feedback(f): feedback a patch
  • feedback?(f?): WIP is ready for feedback grant.
  • feedback+(f+): Get positive feedback.
  • feedback-(f-): Get negative feedback.
  • review(r): review a patch.
  • review?(r?): patch is under review
  • review+(r+): get review+ and ready to check-in
  • review-(r-): get negative review feedback. Fix problems and switch back to r? again.
  • land: patch check in.
  • debug: Figure out the root cause of a bug/ try to repro that bug, etc...
  • file: file a bug
  • PTO: take personal leave
  • interview(I)
  • study: Spend time on domain knowledge study, such as multimedia transport technology, compress format, real-time rendering.
  • presentation
    • Write a personal blog, which is relative to work, such as articles on MozTech, or what you experience in a work week.
    • WIKI/ MDN article writing.
    • If you write a technical blog or anything relative to work, it's welcome to share it on weekly report.
    • Do a presentation of technical topics

Status code combination rule
Combine status code with "|". For example


Which means you work on both OOAD and WIP in the last week.

land status code
If your patch is target for specific branch, instead of central, postfix branch version. For exp

** land(1.4)