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Weekly Summary

Weekly Sharing

Weekly Status

Astley Chen

  • bug 1323684 - Video plays only sound, no video on Firefox mobile Nightly
    • webcompat issue and should be caused by site developers or JW player which incorrectly lay out video element.

Boris Chiou

  • PTO

Cameron McCormack


  • bug 1323384 - stylo: add a "stylo" variable to the reftest condition sandbox
    • r+ | land
  • bug 1323892 - stylo: disable currently crashing crashtests
    • r+ | land
  • bug 1289964 - stylo: reftest and crashtest crashes
    • file ~30 bugs blocking this one
  • bug 1324341 - stylo: redo the cascade when CSSOM methods modify style sheets
    • r+ | land

Stylo reviews

  • bug 1323147 - stylo: Use string and nsCSSPropertyID for stylo CSSOM FFI directly rather than using Atom
    • r
  • bug 1294572 - stylo: Consider skipping eager traversal on subtrees with an XBL binding
    • r
  • bug 1323399 - [Stylo] Fix the stylo-vs-gecko reftest harness
    • r

Other reviews

  • bug 1323618 - Allow locking off of psuedo-classes through inIDOMUtils
    • r


Farmer Tseng

  • Bug 1321496 - Convert PDF to EMF in Windows
    • Implemented SkiaPDF in Windows, and convert PDF to EMF, then printing, r?

Jeremy Chen

CSS Text Module Level 3

  • bug 1316482 - Whitespace around the segment break should be removed before segment break transformation
    • OOAD | WIP
    • TODO:
      • fix couple test failures
      • check test coverage, add tests for white spaces and/or segment breaks mixed in front/between/end texts

Shing Lyu


  • #1323399 - Enable stylo-vs-gecko reftest (again)
  • #1323404 - Fixing Stylo text render as grey issue


  • Surveying the Chinese support status of Servo
  • #14359 - Minor patch fixes
  • #12630 - Practice reviewing

Tingyu Lin

  • Vacation

Tommy Kuo

Team Affairs

  • Hawaii All Hands
    • Expense should be reimbursed no later than 2/28.
  • Update your Q4 goals to wiki & workday TODAY!
  • Employee Engagement Survey
    • Survey will close on Sunday, December 25.
  • Seat relocation by 12/23.
  • Venue for daily standup
    • Ideas ?

Rule of Thumb

Status code:

  • OOAD: In analysis or design phase.
  • WIP: working on WIP patch.
  • feedback(f): feedback a patch
  • feedback?(f?): WIP is ready for feedback grant.
  • feedback+(f+): Get positive feedback.
  • feedback-(f-): Get negative feedback.
  • review(r): review a patch.
  • review?(r?): patch is under review
  • review+(r+): get review+ and ready to check-in
  • review-(r-): get negative review feedback. Fix problems and switch back to r? again.
  • land: patch check in.
  • debug: Figure out the root cause of a bug/ try to repro that bug, etc...
  • file: file a bug
  • PTO: take personal leave
  • interview(I)
  • study: Spend time on domain knowledge study, such as multimedia transport technology, compress format, real-time rendering.
  • presentation
    • Write a personal blog, which is relative to work, such as articles on MozTech, or what you experience in a work week.
    • WIKI/ MDN article writing.
    • If you write a technical blog or anything relative to work, it's welcome to share it on weekly report.
    • Do a presentation of technical topics

Status code combination rule
Combine status code with "|". For example


Which means you work on both OOAD and WIP in the last week.

land status code
If your patch is target for specific branch, instead of central, postfix branch version. For exp

** land(1.4)