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Weekly Status

Astley Chen

  • bug 1399156 NEW:: Firefox hangs and uses excessive CPU
    • Bug 1399156 - e10s select perf issue that worth further checking as it caused browser hangs.
  • bug 1341188 NEW:: Buttons with display: table-cell unexpectedly suppress whitespace
    • Bug 1341188 - triaged as table layout issue.
  • bug 1410028 NEW:: stylo: all property with `initial` issues when style properties set within JS
    • Bug 1410028: stylo new regression and ni?heycam for initial analysis.
  • bug 1362380 RESOLVED::WORKSFORME The Home page is scrolled to the top when opening a photo on LinkedIn
    • Bug 1362380 - not reproducible now. To be confirmed by QA.

Boris Chiou

  • bug 1409278 NEW:: stylo: Obsolete StyleAnimationValue
    • Filed bug 1409278 - stylo: Obsolete StyleAnimationValue
  • bug 1303235 RESOLVED::FIXED stylo: Implement KeyframeEffectReadOnly::CalculateCumulativeChangeHint
    • Landed bug 1303235 - stylo: Implement KeyframeEffectReadOnly::CalculateCumulativeChangeHint
    • Requested the uplift to beta for bug 1303235 - stylo: Implement KeyframeEffectReadOnly::CalculateCumulativeChangeHint
  • bug 1340005 ASSIGNED:: stylo: Switch to Servo style backend for compositor animations
    • Addressed the reviewer's comment for bug 1340005 - stylo: Switch to Servo style backend for compositor animations
    • Cleaned up patches and always use servo backend on the compositor for bug 1340005 - stylo: Switch to Servo style backend for compositor animations

Cameron McCormack

  • Reviewed
  • bug 1409992 RESOLVED::FIXED <img> in <foreignObject> doesn't render when in <img>
    • Debug and re-land bug 1409992
    • Uploaded patch for bug 1409992
  • bug 1409078 RESOLVED::FIXED stylo: Don't assume Gecko style backend on nsXBLPrototypeResources::FlushSkinSheets.
    • Reviewed bug 1409078
  • bug 1410624 NEW:: stylo: Make querySelector and querySelectorAll use stylo.
    • Reviewed bug 1410624
  • bug 1330487 ASSIGNED:: Implement referrer policy for CSS
    • Give feedback on bug 1330487
  • bug 1409079 RESOLVED::FIXED stylo: re-enable web components and update tests.
    • Reviewed bug 1409079
  • bug 1390694 ASSIGNED:: stylo: :-moz-window-inactive doesn't respond to window state change dynamically
    • Uploaded patches for bug 1390694
  • bug 1410281 RESOLVED::FIXED use GetBaseURIForStyleAttr for style attribute base URI in nsTreeSanitizer
    • Uploaded patch for bug 1410281
  • bug 1408311 RESOLVED::FIXED make nsTreeSanitizer use Servo
    • Uploaded patches for bug 1408311
  • bug 1402157 ASSIGNED:: stylo: Assertion failure: aFrame->HasImageRequest() (why call me?) in [@ mozilla::css::ImageLoader::DisassociateRequestFromFrame]
    • Reviewed bug 1402157
  • bug 1404545 RESOLVED::FIXED stylo: support Fennec's "Honor system font sizes" setting
    • Reviewed bug 1404545


  • bug 1278901 ASSIGNED:: Non-selectable text added to svg with javascript is initially selected
    • Bug 1278901 feedback
  • bug 1399787 NEW:: Create a new sandboxed process to run pdfium
    • Bug 1399787 r?

Eric Tsai

  • Issue triage and diagnosis
  • Improve webcompat issue dependency diagram
    • Construct DB
    • Design issue query end point by node.js

Jeremy Chen

  • Triaged and resolved couple bugs on my cc list (1165484, 1120514, 1202541, 1355107)
  • bug 1399049 RESOLVED::FIXED stylo: do not use InterpolateMatrix as a fallback for interpolation errors in a matched transform function pair
    • Landed Bug 1399049
    • Updated patch and replied reviewer's concern [Bug 1399049]
    • Uploaded a patch to Bug 1399049
  • bug 1407911 NEW:: [meta] stylo-blocklist: update stylo-blocklist preference using a system addon
    • Created PR, uploaded an unsigned package for testing, documented the steps for updating the package [Bug 1407911]
    • Uploaded styloblocklist v0.2 for signing and QA [Bug 1407911]
  • bug 1408851 RESOLVED::FIXED negative calc()s for inset() should be valid
    • Landed Bug 1408851
  • bug 1409412 RESOLVED::DUPLICATE Update to latest Nightly, Firefox completely unusable
    • Triaged and resolved Bug 1409412
  • bug 1409958 RESOLVED::FIXED stylo-blocklist: reset stylo blocklist to empty string on Nightly for testing
    • Filed Bug 1409958
    • Landed Bug 1409958

Louis Chang

  • PTO: 10/23~10/27.

Ting-Yu Lin

  • Filed
  • bug 1408851 RESOLVED::FIXED negative calc()s for inset() should be valid
    • Reviewed bug 1408851.
  • bug 1363575 NEW:: Print problem, The footer(css float) overlaps the body
    • Triage bug 1363575.
  • bug 1374482 RESOLVED::FIXED Intermittent AccessibleCaretSelectionModeTestCase.test_long_press_changes_focus_from_textarea_to_contenteditable | AssertionError: u'A' != u
    • Landed bug 1374482.
    • Uploaded patches for bug 1374482.

Tommy Kuo

  • bug 1399310 NEW:: Decorations get drawn multiple times with selections
    • Upload the revised patch to ask review (bug 1399310)
  • bug 1409613 NEW:: META: e10s-select issues for styling
    • Bugs triage (bug 1409613)
  • bug 1118086 NEW:: [e10s] There is a delay for about 1 seconds to display <select> drop-down list with 1600+ items
    • Trace the codepath for showing dropdown list and look at the difference between e10s and non-e10s (bug 1118086)
  • bug 1409645 NEW:: META: e10s-select issues for events behavior
    • Bugs triage (Bug 1409645)

Ya-Chieh Wu

  • bug 1381153 ASSIGNED:: Calling GetEffectSet during display list building is not very cache friendly
    • Figure out how to save Opacity and Transfrom in not primary frame for Bug 1381153

Rule of Thumb

Status code:

  • OOAD: In analysis or design phase.
  • WIP: working on WIP patch.
  • feedback(f): feedback a patch
  • feedback?(f?): WIP is ready for feedback grant.
  • feedback+(f+): Get positive feedback.
  • feedback-(f-): Get negative feedback.
  • review(r): review a patch.
  • review?(r?): patch is under review
  • review+(r+): get review+ and ready to check-in
  • review-(r-): get negative review feedback. Fix problems and switch back to r? again.
  • land: patch check in.
  • debug: Figure out the root cause of a bug/ try to repro that bug, etc...
  • file: file a bug
  • PTO: take personal leave
  • interview(I)
  • study: Spend time on domain knowledge study, such as multimedia transport technology, compress format, real-time rendering.
  • presentation
    • Write a personal blog, which is relative to work, such as articles on MozTech, or what you experience in a work week.
    • WIKI/ MDN article writing.
    • If you write a technical blog or anything relative to work, it's welcome to share it on weekly report.
    • Do a presentation of technical topics