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Projects Status

Last update: April 10, 2017

Feature Name Milestone Target Status Remark
Quantum Style M4 FF57 WIP FULL SPEED
Quantum DOM - Layout Labeling -- FF55 WIP 91.7% complete
CSS Shapes M6 56 Paused Stylo Support
CSS3 Text -- -- Paused Stylo Support
CSS3 Text Decoration -- -- Paused Stylo Support
SVG Improvements -- -- Paused Stylo Support
Mortar Printing M6 56 WIP
CSS Initial-letter M3.2 -- Paused

Project List

Quantum Style


Reference: Quantum Style

Milestone Start Time End Time Firefox
M1 Render Wikipedia prototype -- June 2016 50
M2 Enable Stylo reftests July 2016 2016-09-19 51
M3 Implement big features: incremental restyle, CSSOM, CSS properties Sep. 2016 Dec. 2016 53
M4 mplement long-tail features: scoped stylesheets, XBL, etc. Dec. 2016 April 2017 54-55
M5 Enable Stylo in Nightly: Need to fix remaining tests, Softvision bugs, Bughunter crashes. April 2017 June 2017 56-57
M6 Let Stylo ride the trains: fix bugs found in Nightly June 2017 July 2017 56-57
M7 Release Stylo! Run Beta experiments and fix beta bugs Aug. 2017 Nov. 2017 56-57
M8 Render Firefox UI using Stylo. (This UI work does not block Quantum MVP.) Nov. 2017 Jan. 2018 61

Meta Bug

Full Query
ID Summary Status Target milestone Whiteboard
1243581 [meta] implement support for Servo's style system in Gecko RESOLVED ---
1330412 Enable Stylo in the Nightly channel RESOLVED mozilla57

2 Total; 0 Open (0%); 2 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Ship Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Target milestone Assigned to Whiteboard
1345688 stylo: align binary representations of computed keyword values and eliminate the match statements ASSIGNED --- Cameron McCormack (:heycam)

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Quantum Flow


Reference: Quantum Flow Triage

Quantum DOM


Reference: Quantum DOM

Meta Bug

Full Query
ID Summary Status Target milestone Whiteboard
1339343 Label runnables in layout modules RESOLVED ---

1 Total; 0 Open (0%); 1 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Labeling Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Target milestone Assigned to Whiteboard
1338446 label runnables in layout/style/ RESOLVED mozilla55 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-7) [QDL][TDC-MVP][LAYOUT]
1342863 Label runnables in layout/base/ RESOLVED mozilla55 Tommy Kuo (away forever...) [QDL][TDC-MVP][LAYOUT]
1342867 Label the runnable of ScrollOnFocusEvent in nsTextControlFrame.cpp RESOLVED mozilla55 Tommy Kuo (away forever...) [QDL][TDC-MVP][LAYOUT]
1342870 Label runnables in layout/generic/ RESOLVED --- Jeremy Chen [:jeremychen] ( [QDL][TDC-MVP][LAYOUT]
1342872 Label runnables in layout/printing/ RESOLVED mozilla55 Farmer Tseng[:fatseng](inactive) [QDL][TDC-MVP][LAYOUT]
1342873 Label runnables in layout/tables/ RESOLVED mozilla55 Jeremy Chen [:jeremychen] ( [QDL][TDC-MVP][LAYOUT]
1342874 Label runnables in layout/xul/ RESOLVED mozilla55 Tommy Kuo (away forever...) [QDL][TDC-MVP][LAYOUT]
1342878 Label runnables in layout/ipc/ RESOLVED --- [QDL][TDC-MVP][LAYOUT]
1342880 Label runnables in layout/inspector/ RESOLVED mozilla55 Astley Chen (inactive) [QDL][TDC-MVP][LAYOUT]
1345387 Label runnables in layout/painting/ RESOLVED --- Astley Chen (inactive) [QDL][TDC-MVP][LAYOUT]
1347815 Label subclasses of nsExpirationTracker in layout modules RESOLVED mozilla55 Jeremy Chen [:jeremychen] ( [QDL][TDC-MVP][LAYOUT]
1348738 Labeling timer callback using nsRepeatService RESOLVED mozilla55 Tommy Kuo (away forever...) [QDL][TDC-MVP][LAYOUT]
1351190 Label printing IPC actor NEW --- [QDL][TDC-MVP][LAYOUT]

13 Total; 1 Open (7.69%); 12 Resolved (92.31%); 0 Verified (0%);

CSS Shapes

W3C Spec: CSS Shapes Module Level 1
Status: Candidate Recommendation, 20 March 2014


Milestone Task Estimate Time in Weeks Actual Time in Weeks
M1 Style system: shape-outside Done
M2 Rendering: shape-box only + border-radius 6 4
M3 Rendering: property value: basic-shape: circle() and ellipse() 4 5
M4 Rendering: basic-shape: inset() 4 2
M5 Rendering: basic-shape: polygon() 6
M6 Enable on Nightly & Aurora 1 depend on Stylo
M7.1 Style system: shape-image-threshold 2
M7.2 Rendering: shape-image-threshold 6
M8 shape-margin 4
M9 Ship and fix test failures 4

Meta Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Target milestone Whiteboard
1040714 [META] Implement CSS Shapes Module Level 1 NEW --- [DevRel:P1]
1242029 [meta] Shape Path Editor -- (for CSS shape-outside & clip-path) NEW --- [DevRel:P1][designer-tools]

2 Total; 2 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Ship Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Target milestone Assigned to Whiteboard
1265343 stylo: Implement 'shape-image-threshold' RESOLVED mozilla59 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-7)
1274835 Extract functions processing basic shapes from clip-path logic RESOLVED mozilla49 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-7)
1288626 Add shape-outside support to the style system RESOLVED mozilla51 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-7)
1289049 Add animation support for shape-outside RESOLVED mozilla57 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-7)
1291110 The inline element overlaps with the float elements RESOLVED mozilla52 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-7)
1309467 Implement the rendering of <shape-box> value for CSS shape-outside RESOLVED mozilla53 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-7) [behind pref layout.css.shape-outside.enabled]
1309830 nsBlockFrame::SplitLine() does not redo current line when its block-size shrinks REOPENED --- Brad Werth [:bradwerth]
1311244 Implement the rendering of basic shape circle() for CSS shape-outside RESOLVED mozilla53 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-7)
1316549 Fix <shape-box> value with border-radius for non-ltr direction and writing-mode RESOLVED mozilla53 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-7)
1326406 Implement the rendering of basic shape ellipse() for CSS shape-outside RESOLVED mozilla54 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-7)
1326407 Implement the rendering of basic shape inset() for CSS shape-outside RESOLVED mozilla54 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-7)
1326409 Implement the rendering of basic shape polygon() for CSS shape-outside RESOLVED mozilla55 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-7)
1328236 Add a test for 'shape-outside: border-box' combined with negative margins RESOLVED mozilla61 Brad Werth [:bradwerth]
1332180 Assertion failure with shape-outside: url() with float RESOLVED mozilla53 Xidorn Quan [:xidorn] UTC+10
1334227 Crash [@ nsFloatManager::FloatInfo::FloatInfo ] VERIFIED mozilla54 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-7)
1353631 Enable shape-outside on Nightly RESOLVED mozilla61 Brad Werth [:bradwerth]
1373743 get shape-outside case in fetch-request-css-images.https.html WPT to pass RESOLVED ---
1404222 Support shape-outside: <image> RESOLVED mozilla61 Brad Werth [:bradwerth] [designer-tools][wptsync upstream]
1404243 Refactor for StyleShapeSource to support shape-outside: <image> RESOLVED mozilla58 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-7)
1418224 stylo: support shape-outside: <image> RESOLVED mozilla59 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-7)
1430734 shape-image-004.html is prone to be intermittent RESOLVED --- Brad Werth [:bradwerth]
1454694 Re-enable layout/style/test/test_shape_outside_CORS.html RESOLVED mozilla62 Brad Werth [:bradwerth]
1457297 Enable shape-outside for all channels RESOLVED mozilla62 Brad Werth [:bradwerth]
1463745 The Text around shape-outside does not fill the empty space [shape-outside] VERIFIED mozilla62 Brad Werth [:bradwerth]
1466231 Inline frames without enough inline space should clear floats, regardless of shape-outside RESOLVED mozilla62 Brad Werth [:bradwerth]
1504387 Remove preference "layout.css.shape-outside.enabled" RESOLVED mozilla65 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-7)
1514267 [CSS Shapes] Firefox only Web Platform Test failures NEW ---

27 Total; 2 Open (7.41%); 23 Resolved (85.19%); 2 Verified (7.41%);

Full Query
ID Summary Status Target milestone Assigned to Whiteboard
1098939 [meta] Implement CSS shape-outside property NEW --- [DevRel:P1]
1307401 Add `shape-margin` support to the style system RESOLVED --- Brad Werth [:bradwerth]
1434478 Stop back-computing percentages for intrinsic sizing RESOLVED mozilla61 Mats Palmgren

3 Total; 1 Open (33.33%); 2 Resolved (66.67%); 0 Verified (0%);


No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

CSS3 Text

W3C Spec: CSS Text Module Level 3
Status: Last Call Working Draft 10 October 2013

Meta Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Target milestone Whiteboard
104960 [META] Implement CSS Text Module Level 3 NEW ---

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Ship Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Target milestone Assigned to Whiteboard
10713 Implement CSS3 text-shadow property VERIFIED mozilla1.9.1a1 Michael Ventnor [Hixie-PF][parity-webkit][parity-opera]
59109 implement CSS3 text module's text-decoration-style and text-decoration-color RESOLVED mozilla6 Masayuki Nakano [:masayuki] (he/him)(JST, +0900)(Might be slow response) docs: note this was backed of Gecko 5
99457 Support CSS3 'word-wrap' property (breaks long lines) RESOLVED mozilla1.9.1a1 Simon Montagu :smontagu
156369 A return code between CJK character and html tag or spaces convert an extra space RESOLVED ---
156881 Underline should skip character/part-of-character that is below the base line (text-decoration-mode) RESOLVED --- David Baron :dbaron: 🏴󠁵󠁳󠁣󠁡󠁿 ⌚UTC-7 [lang=c++]
249159 implement 'word-break' properties of CSS3 RESOLVED mozilla15 Makoto Kato [:m_kato] [parity-IE][parity-webkit]
253143 Letter spacing is applied to zero width characters (zwsp, zwj, zwnj) RESOLVED mozilla60 Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame)
276079 Implement text-justify property (with values: auto | none | inter-word | inter-character) RESOLVED mozilla54 Jeremy Chen [:jeremychen] ( [evang-wanted][behind pref layout.css.text-justify.enabled]
587438 word-wrap:break-word does not work in tables NEW --- [css3-text]
737785 Implement 'tab-size' (dropping the -moz- prefix) ASSIGNED --- Mats Palmgren
812995 add 'blink' to -moz-text-decoration-line and drop -moz-text-blink RESOLVED mozilla26 Masayuki Nakano [:masayuki] (he/him)(JST, +0900)(Might be slow response)
953408 Unprefix -moz-hyphens RESOLVED mozilla43 John Daggett (:jtd)
955857 accept the overflow-wrap property RESOLVED mozilla49 Thomas Wisniewski
1011369 Implement line-break property of CSS3 Text RESOLVED mozilla69 Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame) [layout:backlog:2019q3:69][wptsync upstream]
1038663 Allow percentage values for 'word-spacing' VERIFIED mozilla45 Nicholas Nethercote [:njn]
1039541 Unprefix -moz-text-align-last RESOLVED mozilla49 Xidorn Quan [:xidorn] UTC+10 [parity-blink]
1056516 presence of explicit soft-hyphen in a word should override automatic hyphenation RESOLVED mozilla55 Jeremy Chen [:jeremychen] (
1064172 ligatures/shaping should break for inline margin/border/padding and vertical-align RESOLVED mozilla66 Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame)
1081858 Implement css-text-3 segment break transformation rules RESOLVED mozilla52 Kan-Ru Chen [:kanru] (UTC+8)
1252962 "text-transform: capitalize" misses word boundaries NEW ---
1253615 Implement hanging-punctuation from CSS Text Module Level 3 NEW ---
1283222 Unwanted line-break opportunities at out-of-flow frames [was: Commas wrapped to beginning of line with text-align: justify] RESOLVED mozilla68 Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame)
1283964 CSS property word-break not honoured for inline elements NEW --- [lang=c++]
1316471 (css-text-3) [SUBMETA] parse CSS Text Module Level 3 new properties and values NEW ---
1322989 When applying text-transform:uppercase to Greek, the accent on disjunctive eta (ή) should not be removed RESOLVED mozilla53 Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame)
1322992 Implement locale-specific casing behavior for Lithuanian RESOLVED mozilla69 Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame)
1323218 Manually-inserted soft hyphens (&shy;) in a word should override automatic hyphen positions RESOLVED ---
1343512 Let CSS text-justify property ride the train RESOLVED mozilla55 Jeremy Chen [:jeremychen] (
1351432 Implement the break-spaces value of the white-space property RESOLVED mozilla69 violet.bugreport
1358019 word-break: break-all shouldn't create breaks between punctuation RESOLVED mozilla67 Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame)
1472598 Respect prohibition rules for word-break: break-all RESOLVED ---
1498148 Implement text-transform: full-size-kana RESOLVED mozilla64 Diego Pino
1531715 Implement line-break: anywhere RESOLVED mozilla69 Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame)
1541959 The text-transform property should support `full-width` and/or `full-size-kana` in combination with one of the case transforms RESOLVED mozilla68 Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame)

34 Total; 6 Open (17.65%); 26 Resolved (76.47%); 2 Verified (5.88%);

CSS3 Text Decor

CSS Spec: CSS Text Decoration Module Level 3
Status: Candidate Recommendation 1 August 2013

Meta Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Target milestone Whiteboard
1221864 [META] Implement CSS Text Decoration Module Level 3 NEW --- [DevRel:P2]

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Ship Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Target milestone Assigned to Whiteboard
770780 Implement CSS3 text module text-underline-position NEW --- [layout:backlog]
825004 [css-text-decor-3] Unprefix CSS3 Text Decoration RESOLVED mozilla36 Tooru Fujisawa [:arai]
857924 Text-shadow blur and text decoration messes up when selecting text NEW ---
1221865 Text shadow should be painted below text in adjacent elements at the same stacking level NEW ---
1224013 Render text emphasis marks outside ruby RESOLVED mozilla45 Xidorn Quan [:xidorn] UTC+10
1225012 Implement Emphasis Marks from CSS Text Decoration Module Level 3 NEW ---
1229979 Multi-color shadow shouldn't be allowed when the color of text is different to the color of decoration line. RESOLVED mozilla57 Tommy Kuo (away forever...)
1229982 Shadow of decoration is not drawn when shadow blur is applied if text is higher than the baseline NEW ---
1403521 text-decoration with wavy line in vertical writing modes is rendered offset to the right RESOLVED mozilla58 Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame)

9 Total; 5 Open (55.56%); 4 Resolved (44.44%); 0 Verified (0%);

Mortar Printing


Milestone Task Estimate Time in Weeks Actual Time in Weeks
M1 Module architecture & 3 key flows(Preview,Setup,Printing) 3 3
M2 OS platform capability matrix on printing support 1 1
M3 Study Chromium printing flow 2 2
M4 PDF2EMF printing support 3 3
M5 OOAD for PDFium printing support 2 2
M6 Implement printing interface for PDFium 1 --
M7 Configure printing job for Windows 1 --
M8 Setup a IPC (Chrome <-> Plugin process) for Windows 3 --
M9 Load PDF into pepperfium.dll and convert to EMF (for Windows) 2 --
M10 Print EMF page by page (for Windows) 1 --
M11 PDF printing in Mac 2 --
M12 PDF printing in Linux 2 --
M13 Enable and ship -- --

Meta Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Target milestone Assigned to Whiteboard
1302489 [meta] Printing Improvements Triage List NEW --- Sean Voisen (:svoisen) meta

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

WIP Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Target milestone Assigned to Whiteboard
133787 [UX][Meta] Redesign print preview and make it tab-modal instead of window-modal NEW Future p=0
137367 Implement orphans and widows NEW Future
187465 Margins from PMPageFormat are ignored. NEW --- Conrad Carlen (not reading bugmail)
471015 Fieldsets are truncated to one page when printed / print-previewed NEW --- Please read comments #27 and #31 before commenting
534182 Tall inline-blocks are cropped in print / print-preview NEW ---
715067 Print only prints 2 pages of 23-page Microsoft KB 887303 , caused by css; body{ height: 100%; overflow-y: scroll; } NEW ---
939897 Support shifting / splitting flex items between continuations of a fragmented flex container (flexbox content trunctated when printing) ASSIGNED --- Daniel Holbert [:dholbert]
1166147 In css writing-mode:vertical-rl, Only one page printed out/preview VERIFIED mozilla54 Neerja Pancholi[:neerja]
1242463 Create some basic printing tests. RESOLVED ---
1246805 Better printing for the web NEW --- Tobias Schneider [:tobytailor]
1246883 Regression: SVG prints without page margins and without header/footer lines VERIFIED mozilla59 Mantaroh Yoshinaga[:mantaroh]
1279654 Create a PrintTargetRecording subclass of PrintTarget REOPENED mozilla50 Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] [gfx-noted]
1288734 Google Maps printouts do not print all pages/directions. First and last page blank. VERIFIED --- Daniel Holbert [:dholbert] [platform-rel-Google][platform-rel-GoogleMaps]
1295109 Directly send PDF file to OS's spool module when possible NEW ---
1303221 Print (preview) only prints first page(s) of multi-page webpage NEW ---
1309205 "Print to file" fails silently on Linux VERIFIED mozilla53 Lee Salzman [:lsalzman] sblc2 [tor 23970]
1321496 Convert PDF to EMF in Windows RESOLVED --- Farmer Tseng[:fatseng](inactive)
1322653 Implement printing via Skia PDF for Linux NEW ---
1335664 [UX] Implement cross-platform PDF print preview RESOLVED ---
1347444 (meta) Gecko PDF printing support NEW ---
1400305 Redesign the Print Preview user-interface; current implementation has poor usability RESOLVED ---

21 Total; 13 Open (61.9%); 4 Resolved (19.05%); 4 Verified (19.05%);

SVG Improvements

Mentor Recommendation: [good-first-bugs]

Meta Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Target milestone Assigned to Whiteboard
1262352 [META] tracking SVG enhancement NEW ---

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Webcompat Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Target milestone Assigned to Whiteboard
608812 Outer <SVG> element should snap to pixel coordinates RESOLVED mozilla68 violet.bugreport [webcompat]
612118 SVGLocatable.getBBox() fails unless the SVG element it is applied to is attached and rendered NEW --- [webcompat]
826562 SVG Data URL with a "#" character ends up broken (since # is treated as end of start of #reference) RESOLVED --- [webcompat]
1118710 SVG mask animation is not working RESOLVED --- [webcompat]
1231147 SVG elements don't support CSS rem units for height/width attributes RESOLVED --- [webcompat]
1320036 filter region computed incorrectly when targetting outer <svg> element in an HTML document RESOLVED mozilla55 u459114 [webcompat]
1335876 transform-box property is affecting SVG positioning attributes RESOLVED mozilla54 u459114 [webcompat]
1338042 SVG graphic in background-image does not preserve aspect ratio when height is not specified on SVG RESOLVED mozilla54 Mantaroh Yoshinaga[:mantaroh] [webcompat]
1352979 <use xlink:href> should not respect <base> for local references RESOLVED --- [webcompat]
1367657 CSS selector is matching twice. <svg> and <use> elements in SVG RESOLVED --- u459114 [webcompat]
1375720 svg icons on GitHub are blurry (and unevenly so) RESOLVED --- [webcompat]
1383650 Implement SVG geometry properties in CSS RESOLVED mozilla69 violet.bugreport [webcompat][wptsync upstream]
1388931 Consider removing SVGPathSeg APIs NEW --- Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] [webcompat]
1395221 SVG use instances do not inherit CSS-specified overrides of their source's attributes. RESOLVED --- [webcompat]
1417841 The textpath has an offset x, the offset is shown on Chrome and Edge but not Firefox RESOLVED mozilla59 Cameron McCormack (:heycam) [webcompat]
1433360 Using use and fixed-size <symbol> does not resize the element to fit into tiny container <svg> (like in Chrome) RESOLVED --- [webcompat] [svg]
1434196 SVG path not rendered the same than Chrome/Safari RESOLVED --- [webcompat] [svg]
1490168 Pie chart hover effect is broken at RESOLVED --- [webcompat] [qf-]
1511150 GitHub emoticon glyphs sometimes appear "cut off" RESOLVED --- [webcompat]
1512745 SVG 2 relaxes attribute parsing for lengths, angles and integers to allow leading and trailing whitespace RESOLVED mozilla68 violet.bugreport [webcompat]
1514538 SVGMatrix and DOMMatrix are not interchangeable in Path2D.addPath NEW --- [webcompat]
1518040 SVG feBlend should take account of flood-opacity on feFlood input nodes NEW --- [webcompat]
1524901 SVG aspect ratio not preserved when used as background-image, but is in Chrome. RESOLVED mozilla68 violet.bugreport [webcompat]
1529471 objectBoundingBox, clip-path behave differently in Chrome and Firefox NEW --- [webcompat]
1531888 If clip-path IRI is missing, Firefox does not ignore it (at least for the purposes of mouse-interactions). NEW --- [webcompat]
1545702 SVG text without textspan doesn't render under certain circumstances NEW --- [webcompat]

26 Total; 7 Open (26.92%); 19 Resolved (73.08%); 0 Verified (0%);

Backlog Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Target milestone Assigned to Whiteboard
265894 Support SVG CSS selector matching rules for <svg:use> RESOLVED mozilla56 u459114
353575 gradients, clipPaths and masks inside svg:symbol aren't rendered ASSIGNED --- Brian Birtles (:birtles)
360148 Support the 'z-index' property on SVG elements NEW --- Jonathan Watt [:jwatt]
371787 Support the 'letter-spacing' and 'word-spacing' properties in SVG NEW ---
376027 SVG display:none rules NEW ---
455986 SVG filters feImage with xlink:href doesn't work with fragments NEW ---
501421 Implement getIntersectionList(), getEnclosureList() NEW ---
577824 HTML element attached is not rendered if an SVG filter is applied to it VERIFIED mozilla57 u459114
619500 SVG as border-image does not scale to element RESOLVED mozilla48 u459114 [parity-Opera][parity-webkit]
652991 SVG path fill rendering can break after window.history.pushState RESOLVED mozilla51 u459114 [platform-rel-Google][platform-rel-GoogleDocs]
752638 make the context-fill and context-stroke SVG paint values work in marker content NEW --- Jonathan Watt [:jwatt]
778654 Implement 'tabIndex' attribute for SVG elements RESOLVED mozilla51 Daosheng Mu[:daoshengmu] [parity-webkit][parity-blink]
908634 CSS-animated SVG is not animated anymore as background-image, regression RESOLVED --- u459114
935888 Animated svg background doesn't update (particularly on first load / shift+reload) VERIFIED mozilla50 Seth Fowler [:seth] [:s2h]
936338 Chrome is more responsive on the D3.js based MIT Media Lab's Immersion application NEW --- [in-the-wild] [qf:p3:responsiveness]
937268 SVG 2 textPath/tspan getBBox method broken RESOLVED mozilla68 violet.bugreport
1008598 Animated SVG as background image not animating VERIFIED ---
1019326 getBBox now returns an empty bbox when there is no fill NEW --- Robert Longson [:longsonr]
1042296 SVG mix-blend-mode doesn't work when combined with clip-path NEW ---
1106895 CSS grayscale filter (using url property) causes filtered element to disappear, in certain instances(position: fixed/absolute) RESOLVED ---
1110496 SVG-as-an-image is broken, when used as CSS border-image (slice 9), in 33 -> 34 Update RESOLVED mozilla48 u459114
1118710 SVG mask animation is not working RESOLVED --- [webcompat]
1121478 CSS3 animations within SVG not working if SVG is used as a background-image RESOLVED --- u459114
1190881 SVG CSS animation not working through img tag VERIFIED mozilla51 u459114 tlt-done
1209061 transform-origin not applied correctly on svg content RESOLVED ---
1217266 Filters in resource documents don't animate RESOLVED mozilla49 Robert Longson [:longsonr]
1218257 CSS Animation of stroke-dashoffset from 0 to 100% does not work RESOLVED mozilla67 Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) [docs: see comment 3] [webcompat][wptsync upstream]
1224207 Scaling SVG or text with filters should not blur RESOLVED mozilla54 u459114 [parity-blink][parity-webkit]
1245751 Allow href attribute without xlink on SVG elements RESOLVED mozilla51 Boris Chiou [:boris]
1264809 SVG as border-image incorrectly stretches on the edges VERIFIED mozilla50 Kevin Chen[:kechen] (UTC + 8)
1271983 Animated SVG image is blurred in FF 46 NEW ---
1278901 Non-selectable text added to svg with javascript is initially selected ASSIGNED --- Louis Chang [:louis]
1279409 CSS mix-blend-mode and clip-path don't work when combined (on HTML element) VERIFIED mozilla52 u459114
1281215 The outline of a SVG container should be narrowed to its children. RESOLVED mozilla50 Daosheng Mu[:daoshengmu]
1283707 SVG as border-image rendering incorrectly when doesn't assign border value RESOLVED ---
1284797 Small SVG as border image incorrectly stretches NEW ---
1284798 SVG without viewport incorrectly stretches when used as border image, in e10s-disabled profiles RESOLVED ---
1285320 SVG border-image rendering changes on reload (after a resize), if SVG has no width and height and uses percent-of-viewport-based sizing VERIFIED mozilla51 Kevin Chen[:kechen] (UTC + 8)
1290782 SVG border-image without viewport size and viewBox is broken when changing the opacity. RESOLVED mozilla57 Louis Chang [:louis]
1292090 Glitches with inline SVG transform and mask NEW --- [gfx-noted]
1293833 <use>-referenced circle isn't in the expected spot, in mask within <symbol> RESOLVED mozilla53 u459114
1300578 Paint SVG-as-image directly NEW ---
1322537 SVG: hang & memory exhaustion inside of mozilla::gfx::Path::EnsureFlattenedPath(), with animateMotion RESOLVED mozilla56 Kevin Hsieh [fuzzblocker]
1323962 CSS transforms are not supported in indirectly rendered things such as masks, markers, patterns or clip-paths RESOLVED mozilla68 violet.bugreport
1329464 getBBox() fails on <tspan> elements RESOLVED ---
1350804 SVG stroke affects z-index layering of 3D transformed shapes REOPENED ---
1361639 getBBox returns wrong x,y for use-element RESOLVED mozilla57 u459114
1363140 [e10s] SVG image set using content:url(...) bounces around when changing its opacity on hover NEW ---
1370646 Font would not be scaled RESOLVED mozilla68 violet.bugreport
1381201 SVG: Incorrect behaviour when transitioning a transform RESOLVED --- Louis Chang [:louis]
1383650 Implement SVG geometry properties in CSS RESOLVED mozilla69 violet.bugreport [webcompat][wptsync upstream]
1388931 Consider removing SVGPathSeg APIs NEW --- Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] [webcompat]
1389437 currentColor should not be converted to a specific color value before the CSS property is inherited RESOLVED ---

53 Total; 18 Open (33.96%); 28 Resolved (52.83%); 7 Verified (13.21%);

CSS Initial-letter


Milestone Task Estimate Time in Weeks Actual Time in Weeks
M1 Support initial-letter property in style system Done
M2 Hack initial-letter size argument for first-letter 4 4
M3 Hack initial-letter sink argument for first-letter, i.e., drop/sunken/raised cap support
M3.1 - Use a more precise bounding box for initial letter texts 2 1
M3.2 - Hack drop/sunken/raised cap support by manipulating the line layout in the block container 4
M4 Test feature robustness (write tests and fix the unexpected failures)
M4.1 - Enable all tests mentioned in the spec. 4
M4.2 - Extend test coverage, write and fix tests that block shipping 2
M4.3 - Make the call if we should support first inline level child as well 2
M5 Let initial-letter ride the train 3
M6 Re-prioritize initial-letter-align property and initial-letter-wrap property --

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ID Summary Status Target milestone Assigned to Depends on Blocks Whiteboard
1273019 [meta] Implement initial-letter related properties in CSS Inline Layout Module Level 3 NEW --- 1223880, 1273021, 1273022 1312611

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

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ID Summary Status Target milestone Assigned to Depends on Blocks Whiteboard
1223880 Implement initial-letter (from CSS Inline Layout Module Level 3) NEW --- 1310106, 1318261, 1289007, 1293210, 1296561, 1307402 290125, 1273019, 1273021, 1273022 [DevRel:P1][Behind pref layout.css.initial-letter.enabled]
1273021 Implement initial-letter-align (from CSS Inline Layout Module Level 3) NEW --- 1223880 1273019
1273022 Implement initial-letter-wrap (from CSS Inline Layout Module Level 3) NEW --- 1098939, 1223880 1273019

3 Total; 3 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

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