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Weekly Report

Astley Chen

  • bug 1162375 - [meta] To fix reftest orange on emu-x86-kk, TaskCluster
    • WIP - as long as new mesa-9.2.1 lib are ready, upgrade to mesa-lts-saucy-9.2.1 in docker image file.
      • Depend on bug 1220658 Upgrade ec2 test instances mesa versions to mesa-lts-saucy-9.2.1
  • Webkit properties compatibility

Boris Chiou

  • bug 1174575 - Implement a (CSS)PseudoElement interface
    • land
  • bug 1244049 - Use scoped enum for nsCSSPseudoElement::Type
    • r+
  • bug 1234403 - Document/CSSPsuedoElement.getAnimations() should return animations associated with pseudo elements
    • partial r+
  • bug 1241784 - Implement Animatable interface for (CSS)PseudoElement
    • WIP


  • bug 1243734 - Have a pref to enable/ disable all new mask CSS properties added in bug 686281
    • WIP
  • bug 1228354 - (mask-image) Support luminance and auto mask-mode
    • feedback
  • bug 1245499 - Security Error: Content at chrome://browser/skin/identity-icon.svg#normal
    • Investigate

Ethan Lin

  • bug 1237193 [WebGL2] pass getActiveUniforms in gl-object-get-calls.html
    • land
  • bug 1249189 - Fix YCbCr convert problem when using TexImage2D
    • study
  • bug 1247753 - Intermittent test_EXT_sRGB.html | fail-if condition in manifest - We expected at least one failure
    • study
  • bug 1228354 - (mask-image) Support luminance and auto mask-mode
    • f+
    • Address comments and add test case.

Jeremy Chen

  • bug 1239564 - CSS Animation of transform: scale on element with border-radius broken with HWA disabled
    • patch: r+
    • test:
      • Seems screenshot API cannot capture what is rendered on the screen. Still figuring out.
      • Use marionette to reopen browser w/ specific prefs
 prefs = {
   'layers.acceleration.force-enabled': False,
   'layers.acceleration.disabled': True

Jerry Shih

  • bug 1244044 - black screen at tv device
    • the screen-on sequence is different between tv and phone device.
 AC_DEFINE(XXX) => export the XXX def in c/cpp.
 AC_SUBST(XXX) => export the XXX def in CONFIG.

Morris Tseng

  • bug 1244118 - slow-shutdown, process cleanup takes a long period in task manager
    • r+

Peter Chang

Tingyu Lin

Details & Summary

  • bug 591737 - Support for HTML5's <details> and <summary>
    • land
  • bug 1225752 - Localize the "Details" string for the default summary
    • land
  • bug 1246404 - crash in nsINode::IsInComposedDoc when doubleclick Titlebar or window border
    • land
  • bug 1246185 - Nightly collapsed <details> tag if disabled dom.details_element.enabled = false
    • land
  • bug 634004 - Make <details> and <summary> accessible
    • r-
    • Need to add test cases, and address reviewer's comment.

AccessibleCaret on Fennec

  • bug 1246064 - Support long press to show AccessibleCaret on empty input on Fennec
    • file | land
  • bug 1246477 - AccessibleCaret is not updated if the input is being scrolled after long pressing
    • file | land
  • bug 1246487 - Support single tap on the caret to show actionbar when selection is collapsed
    • file | land
  • bug 1246572 - Remove the two blue bar of the text selection for Fennec
    • file | land
  • bug 1246918 - AccessibleCaret disappears when swiping down the page
    • file
    • backout, need to fix test failure.
  • bug 1248309 - AccessibleCaret zoom level is wrong after automatically zooming in
    • file | land
  • bug 1097398 - Match Android L text selection handles
    • r?
  • bug 1248847 - Add DEBUG-only assert for AccessibleCaretEventHub refcount > 1
    • file

Other (Provide information or comments, and triage bugs)

Vincent Liu

  • bug 801176 - Support canvas 2D API from workers (with transferables for bg image rendering/processing, etc.)
    • All Patches : sr+/r+
    • Assertions in debug build. Had a proposed WIP.
    • WIPs for all test cases of offscreencanvas are done for 2d.
    • Fixing fails for running Tryserver for the whole patches.
      • Build break on Windows platform by scoping problem. Fixed.
      • Assertions happens. fixed.
      • Memory leak issue.
   ./mach mochitest --keep-open=false /<path-to-test>


Rule of Thumb

Status code:

  • OOAD: In analysis or design phase.
  • WIP: working on WIP patch.
  • feedback(f): feedback a patch
  • feedback?(f?): WIP is ready for feedback grant.
  • feedback+(f+): Get positive feedback.
  • feedback-(f-): Get negative feedback.
  • review(r): review a patch.
  • review?(r?): patch is under review
  • review+(r+): get review+ and ready to check-in
  • review-(r-): get negative review feedback. Fix problems and switch back to r? again.
  • land: patch check in.
  • debug: Figure out the root cause of a bug/ try to repro that bug, etc...
  • file: file a bug
  • PTO: take personal leave
  • interview(I)
  • study: Spend time on domain knowledge study, such as multimedia transport technology, compress format, real-time rendering.
  • presentation
    • Write a personal blog, which is relative to work, such as articles on MozTech, or what you experience in a work week.
    • WIKI/ MDN article writing.
    • If you write a technical blog or anything relative to work, it's welcome to share it on weekly report.
    • Do a presentation of technical topics

Status code combination rule
Combine status code with "|". For example


Which means you work on both OOAD and WIP in the last week.

land status code
If your patch is target for specific branch, instead of central, postfix branch version. For exp

** land(1.4)