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Enable B2G to run on 128MB memory devices

  • Thrashing (GC <--> zRAM)
    • do experiments for proving
    • Solutions
      • stop GC
      • GC before switching to background
        • stop GC for memory pressure of background process.
    • Facts
      • memory pressure trigger GC, it brings pages from zRAM.
      • GC and memory minimize are called for switching to background.
Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
854795 decode and downsample images at the same time for memory savings P1 RESOLVED
938470 Investigate increasing usable memory on FxOS by delaying homescreen launch -- RESOLVED
939056 B2G NFC: enable/disable MOZ_NFC at runtime -- RESOLVED
944659 Considerable amounts of script-sources P2 RESOLVED
945152 Make memory of TypedArrays returned by XHR backing with the local file -- RESOLVED
945161 Decode big jpeg image to a lower resolution version for low end devices P2 RESOLVED
945166 Merge JS bytecode, jit code, type tree and shape tree of iframes of embedded YouTube videos. -- REOPENED
945174 [META] Evaluate zram performance and Bug 899493 P3 RESOLVED
945185 Show only first N images in image uploader for low-end devices. -- RESOLVED
951531 framebuffer to use RGB565 16bit -- RESOLVED
951601 Disable memory-pressure temporary for launching new content processes. -- RESOLVED
956215 Homescreen still uses data urls (pngs), wasting memory P1 RESOLVED
957509 Reduce USS of Nuwa and preallocated process -- RESOLVED
959966 [tarako] Avoid preallocated process from being killed for low memory devices. -- RESOLVED
960894 Utilize one single RIL worker in DSDS -- RESOLVED
961348 [meta][tarako] High loading of foreground processes switching to background. P1 RESOLVED
962384 Resume image decoding after we get enough memory space within the hard limit of image buffer size -- RESOLVED
962444 Proposal of moving logic of data usage examination into System app -- RESOLVED
962987 [tarako] Move screenshoting to before closing animation and use cache in cardview if there is P2 RESOLVED
963477 [Tarako] Suppress GC & CC temporarily during launching or switching apps. -- RESOLVED
964599 [Tarako] Fine tune the kernel parameters to get better launch time P3 RESOLVED

21 Total; 1 Open (4.76%); 20 Resolved (95.24%); 0 Verified (0%);