TPEPerformance/FxOS Responsiveness

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Extending automated performance testing converage

  • Proposed test cases to extend performance coverage.
    • Suspend/resume
      Time: receiving "power button" event -> first frame
    • Boot time
      Time: initrc -> lock screen ready. (visually loaded)
    • Scrolling response time
      Time: receiving touch event -> first composition that reflects the scrolling.
    • Long drag/Contineously scrolling.
      During drag, providing a list of composition time. (will be a series of events), provide median and standard deviation.
    • Rotate
      Time: receiving rotate event (i.e., the motion has been recognized as a rotation) -> first redraw that reflects the rotation.
    • Pinch
      Time: gesture being recognized -> first that reflects the pinch.
    • Button click
      Time: touch event -> first redraw of button's look change
    • Screen transition, after clicking on a button
      Time: action -> to the first frame of transition.

App life cycle