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2.5 Blockers

Weekly Status Update

Dimi Lee

Ethan Tseng

  • Bug 1165267 - Use OriginAttributes for nsCookieService
    • Ongoing.

Henry Chang

Jonathan Hao

  • Highlight
    • bug 1178518 - Support for verifying signed packages
      • Implemente the verification
      • Set up a trusted CA root for testing
    • bug 1178448 - Developer/Reviewer tools for creating new signed packages
      • Made a tool generating packages in NSec format based on Fabrice's tool and the signing tool of trusted hosted app
  • Action
    • Integrate the verification code with Henry's after bug 1178525 is landed
    • Figure out how to let trusted developers sign their own packages. Currently the tool can only be used by the one who has the private key.
      • I'm studying the usage of nss tools certutil. I think developers can send CSR (certificate signing request) to whomever holds the private key to the root and get a signed certificate back, but I'll have to try.
  • Blocker
    • The verification will have to wait for bug 1178525, and David Keeler

Tim Huang

  • Studied the WiFi stack of the firefox OS.
  • bug 1175057 - [Wifi] Script timeout in test_wifi_static_ip.js
    • Fix an issue that the stock hostapd does not work functionally by a workaround.
      • Stop stock hostapd and start a new one instead, then restore the stock hostapd after the test finishes.
    • Fix an issue that hostapd does not start up successfully.
    • Fix an issue that the script timeout of the function 'testAssociate'.
      • This is because of the scan result somehow displays the old result which has stations that should not appear. When the emulator tries to associate such stations, it will not respond. Hence, it gets a timeout.
      • Then, we fixed this by finding the correct station to associate instead of associate the first station which appears in the scan result.

Winnie Sun

  • Bug 1011358 - [wifi][wi-fi] Gecko doesn't notify Gaia when wpa_supplicant scans and finds new SSIDs/nodes
    • Under reviewing.
  • Bug 1187262 - A device cannot connect B device through wifi
    • Wait for the implementation of 'allNetworkInfo'. (Bug1197667)
  • Bug 1188617 - [Aries][Utility Tray] Re-enabling wi-fi from notification tray automatically launches Settings app.
    • Under discussion about the way to improve it.
  • Bug 1189143 - [Browser] Video cannot be loaded when network is connected back
    • Record what I found.
  • Bug 1131493 - [Wifi Direct] Support bonjour/upnp service advertisement
    • Study about the "Service Discovery".
    • Study about the DNS-SD implementation in Android.

Yoshi Huang

  • bug 1165466 - Fix up docshell and loadcontext inheriting code in nsIScriptSecurityManager to use originAttributes rather than explicitly querying appid/browser
  • bug 1167100 - User nsIPrincipal.originAttribute in ContentPrincipalInfo

Aaron Wu (EPM)