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Meeting Info

  • Time: 2015/10/28 (Wed), 11AM
  • Room: 5F, Mocha
  • Host: Ethan
  • Attendees: Dimi, Henry, Jonathan, Tim, Yoshi


  1. Weekly status update
  2. Update from Taipei monthly managers meeting
  3. Update from Weekly FxOS Engineering manager meeting
    • Encourage contributors to involve modules
    • Firefox Pay Wallet app
  4. Tethering enhancement plan
  5. Q4 Goal setting review
  6. 2.5 blockers

Weekly Status Update

Dimi Lee

Ethan Tseng

Henry Chang

Jonathan Hao

  • bug 1178448 - Tool for creating new signed packages
    • landed, so now we can import developer-root
  • bug 1216469 - Bypass verification for signed packages from trust origins.
    • landed, so now preferences are set and we can bypass verification for trusted origins.
  • bug 1218284 - Match signed packages' with trust origin without suffix
    • landed
  • bug 1218630 - Add package-identifier generation to package signing tool
    • fixed, changes on my own signing tool repository
  • bug 1217694 - Signed package should come from the moz-package-location specified in its manifest.
    • r+, fixing mochitest

Tim Huang

  • bug 1131493 - [Wifi Direct] Support bonjour/upnp service advertisement
    • Studying WiFi Direct
      • Understood the bonjour service over service discovery.
      • Referencing the service discovery of AOSP.
      • Started to implement the service discovery for underlying communication between P2pManager and wpa_supplicant.

Thomas Nguyen

PTO this week.

Winnie Sun

PTO this week.

Yoshi Huang

  • bug 1196665 - Add originAttributes into SpecialPowers
    • pushed to inbound this morning.
  • bug 1195930 - Use origin in QuotaManager
    • took from Janv, ongoing
  • bug 1196652 - OriginSuffix is shown in about:serviceworker on b2g
    • checking baku's comments.