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Meeting Info

  • Time: 2015/11/4 (Wed), 11AM
  • Room: 5F, Santos
  • Host: Ethan
  • Attendees: Dimi, Thomas, Tim, Yoshi, Winnie


  1. Weekly status update
  2. Feedback from manager's meeting about Q4 goal setting

Weekly Status Update

Dimi Lee

  • Done & Working in Progress
  1. bug 1214593 - Remove service worker periodic updater. land
  2. bug 1220950 - Adding tests for checking signed package should not share data with other package or web content. ni?paul
  • Review & Feedbacks
  • Pending
  1. bug 1181389 - check for full package update when doing service worker update
  2. bug 1181390 - fire install and activate events on service worker
  3. bug 1179064 - Ensure that service worker code for signed packages is contained within the package

Ethan Tseng

  • bug 1217594 - Cookies are lost when switching recent Nightlies
    • bug 1165267 - Use OriginAttributes for nsCookieService (RESOLVED FIXED)
    • bug 1220570 - Potential cookie lost while downgrading from Aurora 44 to 43 (waiting for review)
    • bug 1220361 - Add test case for Cookie database migration to new schema versions (patch in progress)
  • bug 1213827 - CSP frame-ancestors breaks firefox os apps (I can reproduce it on Simulator in lastest Nightly, but not on desktop and device. Low priority for now)
  • What I will do:
    • Post 2.5 planning
    • Training material
    • Prepare for Orlando work week
    • CSP bugs for NSec

Henry Chang

Attend Web Summit.

Jonathan Hao

Attend Web Summit.

Thomas Nguyen

  • bug 1136512 - Sony Z3C - nfcd should build with Z3 compatiable libnfc-nci library
    • Extensive tests are required, pending
    • bug 1216473 - [Aries] Mifare Classic is not fully supported in Aries, reading this kind of tag could disable RF occasionally
  • bug 976457 - B2G NFC: API for supporting NFC_A tags
    • Ongoing
  • bug 884478 - NFC MiFare Ultralight Tag Support
    • Ongoing

Tim Huang

  • bug 1131493 - [Wifi Direct] Support bonjour/upnp service advertisement
    • Referencing the service discovery of AOSP.
    • Implementing ...
  • bug 1217717 - Turn off airplane mode from settings, the wifi will be toggled on/off alternately
    • Spent some time on finding the root cause of this problem.
    • Opened a follow up bug 1221068 on providing enabling and disabling states in mozWifiManager for gaia.

Winnie Sun


Yoshi Huang

  • bug 1209162 - Create OriginAttributes subtypes for different uses and define conversion routines between them
    • Adding PrincipalOriginAttributes and DocShellOriginAttributes base on bholley's patch and jonas' comments.
    • Now working on adding NeckoOriginAttributes.