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Meeting Info

  • Time: 2015/11/18 (Wed), 11AM
  • Room: 5F, Santos
  • Host: Ethan
  • Attendees: Dimi, Henry, Jonathan, Thomas, Tim, Yoshi, Winnie


  1. Weekly status update
  2. Schedule of NSec demo in Mozlando
    1. 11/19 (Tue): Provide an invitation list to Aaron
    2. 11/20 (Fri): Complete developer reference
    3. 11/23 (Mon): Complete demo slides
    4. 11/25 (Wed): Rehearsal
    5. 11/27 (Fri): Brownbag in Taipei
    6. 12/8 (Tue): Demo in Mozlando
  3. Review Q4 goals

Weekly Status Update

Dimi Lee

Ethan Tseng

  1. Commented: bug 1224415 - Cookies disappeared after upgrading
  2. Reviewed patch: bug 1209654 - [Cost Control] Data alert doesn't match reported usage
  3. Working on NSec developer reference (draft for MDN)
  4. Working on NSec slides (for brownbag in Taipei and Mozlando demo)

Henry Chang

Jonathan Hao

  1. bug 1224084 - Create a website running package signing tools.
    • A usable version on intranet. Will ask Linear about Mozilla LDAP control.
  2. bug 1225422 - Update the PrivilegedPackageRoot certificate
    • There will be a patch soon.
  3. Web Summit brownbag

Thomas Nguyen

  • bug 976457 - B2G NFC: API for supporting NFC_A tags
    • Landed
  • bug 1055959 - [NFC] testNfcBadSessionIdError testcase fail
    • r+, modifying config file to run try
  • bug 1136512 - Sony Z3C - nfcd should build with Z3 compatiable libnfc-nci library
    • Received QA's test result. Ongoing
  • bug 884478 - NFC MiFare Ultralight Tag Support
    • Suspended. Need reasons of completeness or user story for the API

Tim Huang

  • bug 1131493 - [Wifi Direct] Support bonjour/upnp service advertisement
    • Implementing the WebAPI of the service discovery of the Wi-Fi Direct.
      • Spent some time to get straight and design the mechanism of the information exchange between Gaia and Gecko for the service discovery.
  • bug 1209654 - [Cost Control] Data alert doesn't match reported usage
    • Spent some time on the webidl for signed long long and unsigned long long.
    • Landed.

Winnie Sun

  • bug 1131493 - [Wifi Direct] Support bonjour/upnp service advertisement
    • Use the Web API that Tim offers to write a App for testing!
      • Learning how to write an app.

Yoshi Huang

  • bug 1209162 - Create OriginAttributes subtypes for different uses and define conversion routines between them. r?