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Meeting Info

  • Time: 2015/11/25 (Wed), 11AM
  • Room: 5F, Santos
  • Host: Ethan
  • Attendees: Dimi, Henry, Jonathan, Thomas, Tim, Yoshi, Winnie


  1. Weekly status update
  2. Schedule of NSec demo in Mozlando
    1. 11/19 (Tue): Provide an invitation list to Aaron
    2. 11/20 (Fri): Complete developer reference
    3. 11/23 (Mon): Complete demo slides
    4. 11/25 (Wed): Rehearsal
    5. 11/27 (Fri): Brownbag in Taipei
    6. 12/8 (Tue): Demo in Mozlando
  3. Review Q4 goals

Weekly Status Update

Dimi Lee

Ethan Tseng

Henry Chang

Jonathan Hao

Thomas Nguyen

  • bug 1055959 - [NFC] testNfcBadSessionIdError testcase fail
    • Landed
  • bug 1087928 - write marionette-webapi tests for ontagfound
    • Provided patch and asked for review

Tim Huang

  • bug 1131493 - [Wifi Direct] Support bonjour/upnp service advertisement
    • Implementing the WebAPI of the service discovery of the Wi-Fi Direct.
      • Some WebAPIs had been implemented, including serviceDiscovery, addServiceRequest and the eventlistener of discovered services.
  • bug 1225549 - Users are not receiving notification when reaching data limit
    • Landed.
    • My own mass which was created after bug 1209654, that I missed an interface when changed the threshold of network stat alert.

Winnie Sun

Yoshi Huang

  • bug 1196652 - OriginSuffix is shown in about:serviceworker on b2g. r+
  • bug 1209162 - Create OriginAttributes subtypes for different uses and define conversion routines between them. r+