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Meeting Info

  • Time: 2015/12/16 (Wed), 11AM
  • Room: 5F, Mocha
  • Host: Ethan
  • Attendees: Dimi, Henry, Jonathan, Thomas, Tim, Yoshi, Winnie


  1. Update and information sharing from Mozlando

Weekly Status Update

Dimi Lee

Ethan Tseng

  • NSec meetings in Mozlando
    • We won't get support from the Marketplace team
    • Next plans for 2.6
      • Package format
      • Persistent solution (pinning): Service Worker vs HTTP cache
      • Permission model
      • Performance
      • Offline experience
  • The future of Gonk
  • Our team's future plan aligned to connected devices

Henry Chang

Jonathan Hao

Thomas Nguyen

  • bug 1229321 - [NFC]When using "NFC" to deliver files, the DUT's interface turns black with the prompt "swipe to share".
    • Should be gaia or gpx issue.
  • bug 1230032 - [OTA] [NFC] Separate Gecko and Gonk layers in NFC module
    • Ongoing.

Tim Huang

  • bug 1131493 - [Wifi Direct] Support bonjour/upnp service advertisement
    • Tested the WebAPI and debugging.
    • Met the flyweb team in the Mozlando.
  • bug 1207066 - [NetworkManager] implement nsINetworkInterface.activate()/deactivate() in wifi network interface
    • Mining the source code of wpa_supplicant for finding a way to realize this feature.
    • Starting to implement.
  • bug 1180313 - Flame cannot find Wi-Fi networks after setting off data connection
    • Cannot reproduce, pending.
  • bug 1182639 - In first time use wizard, switching wireless networks repeatedly seems to cause a confused visual state
    • Cannot reproduce, pending.

Winnie Sun

Yoshi Huang

Mozlando schedule

  • Tuesday, December 8
    • 9:00am Mozlando Opening Plenary Session
    • 1:30pm FxOS All Hands Meeting
    • 3:00pm New Security Model internal meeting
    • 3:15pm 2016 SecEng Roadmap
  • Wednesday, December 9
    • 10:00am Introduction to New Security Model (Part 1)
    • 3:00pm Wi-Fi Direct and FlyWeb
  • Thursday, December 10
    • 9:00am The Future of Gonk - Moving device dependencies out of Gecko
    • 10:00am Sync-up On New Security Model for FxOS
    • 11:00am Introduction to New Security Model (Part 2)
    • 10:15am FxOS Emulator automation testing
    • 5:00pm Fireside chat with Ari

Update project (The Future of Gonk)