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High level Goals for the team

Fix 2.2 blockers

Have the performance improvement plan and finish one performance improvement

Engage with new security model

  • priority: p1
  • Fix service worker bugs
    1. bug 1158735 - FetchEvent.client asserting in onFetch when there's no document
  • Fix CSP bugs
    1. bug 959388 - CSP 1.1: Workers have their own CSP policies, should not inherit from parent document (in progress)
    2. bug 881509 - Content Security Policy ShouldLoad and ShouldProcess do not use request principal (blocks 959388)
    3. bug 908933 - CSP does not block cross-domain applets with object-src 'self
    4. bug 1030936 - [CSP] remove fast-path for certified apps once the C++ backend is activated
    5. Introduction to SOP, XSS and CSP -

Emulator porting

  • priority: p1
  • Support marionette test for WiFi in emulator-kk
    1. bug 1001261 - (emulator_wifi) B2G WiFi emulation on emulator-kk
  • Support marionette test for NFC in emulator-kk
    1. bug 1030628 - (b2g-nfc-emulator) [Meta] NFC emulator improvements
  • Support automatically test for RTSP
    1. bug 998899 - [META][RTSP] Build automated tests for RTSP feature


  • priority: p2
  • bug 1116089 - [Meta] Support "1 UA multi-screen" on FxOS

NFC/WIFI/RTSP test case

  • priority: p2

A talk for tw all

  • End of Stage 1 presentation for Necko study group

RTSP client refactor

  • priority: p2
  • bug 1138262 - [META][RTSP] Refactor RTSP component

WIFI related bugs

  • Support EAP TLS
    1. bug 1151726 - [Wifi] TEST-UNEXPECTED-ERROR|test_wifi_associate_WPA_EAP_TTLS.js
    2. bug 1163089 - [Wifi] Marionette tests for Wifi WPA-EAP associate start to fail
    3. bug 1156204 - [Settings] Add support for PKCS#12 files
    4. bug 998226 - [wifi][Gaia] To support EAP-TLS and manage user certificate in WLAN setting
    5. bug 1163031 - [Wifi] Provide more detail when certificate management API error

Have a new HAL for emulator/New Gonk layer

Individual Goals and high level schedule


  1. Fix same origin and cookie jars bugs
  2. NFC


  1. Landed gecko patches for Multi-Windows
    • Screen manager redesign for multiple display purpose.
    • Co-work with Shelly to land the primary gecko Bug 1138287.
    • Co-work with Luke to land gaia patches.
  2. Fixed WiFi bugs
    • Help investigate Z3C wifi issues.
  3. Review slides:


  1. Fix some service worker bugs
  2. Participate new security model architecture design discussion on server worker
  3. Fix NFC bugs


  • Slides:
  • Contributions in 2015 Q2
    1. Resolve, feedback and code review bugs for RTSP and NetworkStats components.
    2. Contribute to DOM study group. Provide a brown bag for DOM introduction.
    3. Host Necko study group. Totally 10 sessions in this quarter.
    4. Research for new security model: SOP (same-origin policy), XSS (cross-site scripting), CSP (content security policy), ..., etc.
    5. Provide technical sharing talks on SOP, XSS and CSP.
    6. Cooperate with security team on CSP bugs.


  1. RTSP
  2. Performance improvement