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Team members

  • Tech lead : Hsin-Yi Tsai (hsinyi)
  • Bevis Tseng (bevis)
  • Ben Hsu
  • Edgar Chen (Edgar)
  • Jessica Jong (jessica)
  • John Dai
  • Samael Wang
  • Stone Shih

Owned Modules

  • RIL module: Telephony, MobileConnection, Icc, MobileMessage, Network Manager
    • owner: Hsinyi Tsai (:hsinyi), Edgar Chen (:edgar)
    • peer: Jessica Jong (:jessica), Bevis Tseng (:bevis)

Feature List: 2.5 & 2.6

2.5: Emulator-x86-kk (EPM: Josh Cheng)

  • Owners: Edgar, John

2.5: Network Manager Enhancement

2.6: Extension (EPM: )

  • Owners: Edgar

2.6: Gecko update (EPM: Wesley Huang)

  • Owners: Bevis

== 2.6: pre-rendering (EPM: Maria Oteo)

  • Owners: Bevis, Samael

Feature List: Done

Multi SIM


  • Owners: Hsinyi, Aknow, Edgar, Jessica, Bevis

2.2R IMS: VoLTE, VoWifi (EPM: Wesley Huang)

  • Owners: Bevis, Ben, Samael
  • bug 1185434 - [meta] IMS Support


You can get slides or documents related to the team via the link below!

Slides & Documents

Discussion Notes & Minutes

You can get discussion notes on telephony/network technical topics via the link below!

Technical Discussion


Weekly Meeting

All team members meet at 11:00 a.m. every Tuesday.

2016 Q1