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What is more important to people, a good interface to lock down preferences or a customized install?

Perhaps I'm not understanding you properly, does this exclude the possibility of having a good interface to lock down prefs and a customized install?

Whatever the method of delivery, I believe it's download/install/execution ought to be as simple, straight-forward and clear as possible. We want to allow a variety of users, from the advanced to the inept, to be able to download and execute this without getting flustered for any reason and quitting. This should be considered from the beginning. Taking this into account, then, an extension would seem to make less sense as it is more complex (at least by perception) to install and use. It's possible this is the user's first time familiarizing and being educated about Firefox and it's abilities.

My two cents.

  • They're all really important. Customizing through extensions may be a good idea, but I think special "customizing" file formats would be a better way to do this. --kourge