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Why not Permissions API?

Efforts to standardize a Notifications API in the W3C long ago separated Notification Permission Requests from the notifications to a Permissions API.

Why then in this temporary spec have you opted to create a permissions API under remote Notifications, instead of specifying remoteNotification as a permission for this permissions API?

A less privacy invading approach

On the server side we're looking at an HTTP interface that accepts POSTs with this attribute:

  • informationUrl: The URL from which the client will fetch a JSON document with the details of the notifications. This URL has to be in the same origin as the document that requested the notification permission.

The document fetched by the browser from informationUrl looks like:

  • iconUrl: URL of the icon to be shown with this notification.
  • title: Primary text of the notification.
  • body: Secondary text of the notification.
  • actionUrl: URL to be opened if the user clicks on the notification.
  • replaceId: A string which identifies a group of like messages. If the user is offline, only the last message with the same replaceId will be sent when the user comes back online.