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Anyone know why Gerv removed a bunch of stuff from this page? --Comrade693 16:53, 11 March 2008 (PDT)

crash by stream-media application

The stream-media application has been one of the most important application of the Internet.But my firefox( always crashes after watching some video show on line from some web site such as YouTube etc.Before the browser crashes, it becomes more and more slowly.I think the problem is, every time when I open a stream-media website(SMW), the browser would download the stream data to the buffer.But, because the network-speed is not so fast.I often open more than one SMW and press suspend button and watch the fastest SMW.When this show finished, others SMW possibly has finished there buffering,so I can watch other shows smoothly.But we know the stream-media data is large,so if I open too more SMW(as I need) at the same time, the buffering process might make the private memory space of firefox process full! That would make an fatal error, and a segment fault would occur. So the browser shutdown after it slow down.But the system monitor shows that the memory has just used less than 50%. I just guess.If this is really a bug, I hope the new versions can solve the problem.Thanks!

why not auto-download the pages?

When I‘m browsing a website, it's possibly that I would click the links of the current web page and browse the pages the links point to.Our browser will do something(such as open a web page) just after we told it to do.But maybe it can work in a new way: when I'm browsing a website(reading news for example), the browser download the pages which are linked by the links that in the current page to the buffer automatically.So if I click a supper link, the required page can be accessed locally.The user would feel the browser very fast.

helping search engines by user's bookmarked pages - IDEA for GSoC'08

Search engines use many algorithms to improve results ,results can be very much improved if user's bookmarked pages are known to they are the pages not only visited by users accidentally but the page's link treasured by them .That very much shows that users have interest in that page and when search query of similar type is run next time..the results are greatly improved..A Web Browser can help in the communication between search engine and user's bookmarked items ,off course with user's permission . thanking you..looking forward for a mentor ! Rajan Vaish IRC: vaish GTALK :