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If this behavior must be, and I'm not a fan of it, then I think "Behavior dependent on tab bar visibility" seems the most intuitive thing to do. As I mentioned in the "Cons" if there's no tab bar visible then the user is treating the browser as just one window and it should behave like one. Not some pseudo-application environment. --Schwern 16:52, 16 March 2007 (PDT)

Data Load

I have an extremely strong dislike of the 2.0 behavior in closing the last tab. My fingers are very fast, and they depend on programs responding in a consistent fashion. For example, my fingers depend heavily on the fact that closing the last tab closes the window. My fingers find it very disconcerting to have to do something different when closing the last tab. It's about enough to make me go back to IE.

Several consistency arguments have been made on both sides of this question, as to which behavior of closing the last tab is most consistent. I would come down on the side that says that "closing the last tab should close the window" is the most consistent. I respect the fact that others disagree as to which behavior is most consistent. But let me make a different argument.

There is a principle in database design that says that a particular option should only carry one load. Essentially, the load concept says that one option should not control two different behaviors. There has been a suggestion that whether the tabs are displayed or not should control the behavior of ctl-W. Well, that means that the tab display option is having to carry two loads. There shouldn't be two loads on one option. There should be an option as to whether the tabs are displayed or not (one load). There should be an option as to whether ctl-W of the last tab closes the last window or not (one load).

Finally, I should mention that I don't like switching back and forth between the mouse and the keyboard. I use both. When I'm doing mouse things, I like to be able to work with the mouse without having to let go of it and use the keyboard. When I'm doing keyboard things, I like to be able to work with the keyboard without having to grab the mouse. Switching back and forth really slows me down. Well, when I'm working with the mouse I want to be able to File...Close Tab to close a tab. But with 2.0 and with only one tab open, the File...Close Tab option simply isn't there. I have to click on File...Exit instead. This really confuses my fingers and really slows them down.