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It might be helpful to provide different prefs files that are constructed to provide the optimal defaults for different corporate usage profiles, such as "public machine", "internal shared machine", "internal private machine", etc.

Eg: Machines used in public spaces, or by groups, might want to have browser.sessionstore.restore_from_crash=false, to mitigate the exposure of previous browsing sessions.

Dietrich 10:41, 20 November 2006 (PST)

Deployment page contains obsolete propaganda

The first 4 sections of the Deployment page contain information on *why* to switch to firefox.

People who read this page can be expected to already know why they want to use firefox, i.e. they are a step further and want to know how to deploy it (in larger settings).

propaganda or rational, people still need the info in the old article

Ronalde/Dwe, The orginal content was created from questions and answers repeated over and over over the course of the last 7 or 8 years. Fact is that some IT organizations have trouble developing a rational for moving forward with pilot deployment projects and this information was helpful to them. Looks like you clobbered the Export Control info in the original article and now I've got people asking for it again.

Seems fine to add improvements and work in progress section(s) that go into details where changes are being made, but right now the article looks very disorganized and hard to follow. Can we get together and try and clean it up?