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Hv download eudora 8.0 and its great looking. but wondering how to creat my signature, in out look there we can edit anything. but in here its very difficult, do we hv to creat note pad and save file?its not good signature at all... pls kindly assist me..

rgds. dammika

impossible to send a message. I have been using Eudora for many years and have always been very happy with it. Now - as of today - I am able to download my messages from my GoDaddy domain "". But I am unable to SEND any messages from my Eudora system now. I spoke with GoDaddy and they asked me for my Port (110) subspecting that there might be a conflict. The does not recognize whatever Eudoea is sending. O get a timeout error message. What do you think the problem could be??


new user questions

please forgive my complete ignorance of the wiki format, but I've been a Eudora (paid and unpaid) user from the beginning. I've migrated over but have several key questions:

1. When I imported all my e-mail from Eudora 7, some of the dates are wrong (in the future) so they stay at the top of the stack when date ordered. Other than archive them, is there any way to edit the dates ?

2. I've seen other comments about not being able to insert a picture directly into the body of an outgoing message. Is this coming soon ?

Thanks !