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Eudora OSE 1.0rc2 on Linux don't have POP3

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100722 Eudora/3.0.4 EudoraOSE-1.0rc2.en-US.linux-i686.tar.bz2 and when created account there was biiig surprise, no POP3 interface ??? Can someone fix it? Suwatest 16:06, 3 August 2010 (UTC)

Eudora 8.0.0b3

I first downloaded the latest Eudora 8.0.0b3 and it wouldn't import my Eudora 6xx settings and I did have trouble setting up for my multiple personalities a number of which get mail from the same basic log-in email. I then downloaded the older/original Mozilla 8.0b1 and had no problem with the settings import aside from minor tweaks like for SSL. The long address/nickname list imported but removed some addresses from some folders or mailboxes that they were in so it got kind of interesting re-sorting them. Still need to play with it but it looks pretty good. Ben (04/01/08)

I've just downloaded Eudora 8.0.0 Beta... excellent so far with my Mac OS 10.3.9... But I can't find a way of adding new mailboxes... Advice please? - (posted by User:Luke13 on 2007 Sept 9)

I too have downloaded and installed the *.01 beta and cant figurew out hot wo trasfer my 6.04 Eudora mailboxes; which hold critical archive messages to the new software. Can anone help (doc) - (posted by User:Hbabad on 2007 Oct 27)
I also just set up Eudora 8.0.0 beta for MSWindows. It is a lot like Thunderbird. Have one problem though: How do you allow Eudora 8 to display graphics contained in emails that are received. As installed, it displays empty graphics boxes (place holders) with a "clickable" link in the upper left corner. Can anyone help? - (posted by User:Droufa on 2007 Nov 1)

Eudora 8b8 does not update to 8b9 although update has been available for almost two months

I have enjoyed using Eudora for over 10 years and am using the mozilla based Eudora since version 8b6. Until now it updated automatically to each new version, but now it does not want to update from 8b8 to 8b9, even if I use 'Check for updates'. Will this problem be fixed, or do I need to uninstall and reinstall Eudora?

Eudora 8b3 Address Book Still Needs Work

I just tried to migrate from Eudora 7 [paid] to Eudora 8b3 [open] and everything went well until I tried to import my extensive address books. The import feature would not find any named address books, and only brought in the entries in the Nicknames list. [comment: In fact, even those ones from the Nicknames list were imported quite incompletely in tests done by other users!]

Eudora 7 allows you to create as many address books as you like and creates a file in the Nickname folder called bookname.nnt with an index called bookname.toc. I currently have 23 address books in use with nearly one thousand email addresses.

The other thing that puzzled me was that the Mail Import feature did not bring in the Outbox folder of sent messages. That is a faily searious shortcoming when you depend on mail history for business purposes.

The Filters appear to work well in Eudora 8b3. I use over 100 filters to file incoming messages into appropriate folders and keep my inbox clean. My biggest complaint about Eudora 7 is that the program bombs with an access violation after updating a few filters, or just scrolling down the list with arrow keys. This can be avoided by carefull manual editing of the filters.pce file.

I think Eudora 8 would be ready for prime time if the Address Book could work as well as Eudora 7. Looking forward to the next installment!

Migrating Labels

We have users who use Labels in Eudora extensively, and it's critical for those people to have their labels migrated, either by Thunderbird or Eudora 8. We have used Eudora Mailbox Cleaner to migrate to Thunderbird, but that does not include migrating labels. Likewise, Eudora 8 does not bring labels over from Eudora 6.2 (Mac)

Is there any chance that in the near future there will be a release of Eudora 8 that will include migration for labels?

Migrating from Eudora

I can not migrate from all my folder in folder in folders go missing

UTF-8 Support

is the UTF-8 support now included, in the eudora 8.0.0.b3 release? It seems that the answer ist yes, and that's very good news, in fact. A bug regarding this appears on the bug list as solved, and as far as I tested it, by receiving utf-8 messages with eudora 8b3, it worked.

The utf-8 compliance is still one of the most important arguments for users of older eudora versions to look forward for eudora 8 (and future releases). Inspite of a (well-known) plug-in for the old qualcomm versions (until eudora 7.1), utf-8 still produces a lot of trouble.

It is a bit curious that the famous citation from Wikipedia, about the "dubious" distinction of eudora not being utf-8 compliant was not reviewed or annotated. It would be an important matter. I was myself not at all aware that this change of eudora already happened, and if I would not have been so perseverant to install and test eudora 8b3, I would still think it does not work. --Horia 14:31, 18 July 2008 (PDT)

Clean Uninstall of latest beta?

How does one do a clean uninstall? I hosed the install of latest beta, and now when I add/remove and then run installer again, Eudora will not download e-mail. You can click "Check Mail" all you want but it does nothing. Yet you can send mail. Servers are set up just fine.

beta 3 problems with Vista sp1 ?!

just upgraded to beta 8.0.0b3 and was working fine until i upgraded Vista to SP1. then all hell broke loose. every time i treid to start eudora it crashed with a blue screen. error was something about "tcpip.sys" . curiously the same thing happened when i tried to use outlook to check email ! after much effort, had to uninstall SP1 and things are back to fine now. explanations ? fixes ? we NEED to be able to use SP1 -when will Eudora fix this problem ?? thanx

Eudora and Mime-Proxy software for reading UTF-8

as noone seems to care of finishing the new Eudora 8, i am still using Eudora 7. Even if this could be considered off-topic, I want to signal here, for those who still use Eudora 7, and wait for a import able Eudora 8, that:

Mime-Proxy seems to be a proxy server able to translate in different code-pages and therefore useful for translating mails for Eudora 7.

Here is the link:

If somebody has experienced this combination (I wasn't able to configure it until now...) please give me a sign! Thanks!


Mac version of b4 not expanding?

Has anyone been able (or unable) to get the Mac disk image to expand? I've tried downloading twice and each time it tells me there's no filesystem on the .dmg image. Davert 16:25, 5 November 2008 (UTC)

File Extension is WRONG

>Has anyone been able (or unable) to get the Mac disk image to expand? I've tried downloading twice and each time it tells me there's no filesystem on the .dmg image. Davert 16:25, 5 November 2008 (UTC) File extension of Install Image for Mac is WRONG. It is actually DMG image file, not bz2. Rename it and try.

Yes, changing the extension to DMG works---Neptune3

Eudora 8.0.0b5-Copy/paste photo's

Hello Folks,

End user here. Recently upgraded from legit version of Eudora 6.2.4. Wondering if there have been any reported bugs with copy and pasting of photo's as attachments. I recently tried dice.

Also wondering if the "command M" is still active for getting all mail?

Hopefully this missive will not be "edited mercilessly" and will find a home with an answer.

All the best,


MacBook Pro OS X 10.4.11

Old Eudora Paid User

Delighted to see that good work continues upon resuscitating the old unsupported Qualcomm Eudora product. From the sound of the comments above there is still some tweaking to be done. I'd love to migrate now to this Mozilla version but will wait until the transition is seamless. And, I'll keep this thread on my watch list and continue using my 7.1 Eudora the way it is currently configured and hope that it continues to work at least as well as it has up until now. Maybe there is hope!! Thank you, Mozilla!

Eudora 8 File Locations

I'm setting up Eudora 8 on a new computer and want to move existing emails, attachments, etc. over to the new PC. However I can't find the "data" file locations. Any ideas? Thanks.

Another user waiting

I'm yet another user waiting patiently for a stable version of Eudora 8 to come out before I make the transition. Not having installed the new Eudora anywhere, I'm curious about how it compares to the Qualcomm version?

Beta 6 Problems

I have problems with the following:

If you have more than one email account you have set to get mail for at start up, and you have filters to filter the messages, every time a message comes in that needs to be filtered a warning box comes up telling you to wait until it's done processing the mail.

Another oddity is that 40% of the time I check mail I get a small Eudora icon in a firefox window that pops up on the top left side of my screen. Clicking it does nothing. You can close out of Eudora b6 and it will stay on you screen until you close it. No idea what thats about.

Also, found window sizing is a big problem, I run a 30" monitor, every time a filter fires a opens a new window the new window opens at all different sizes.

After checking mail for 6 accounts and having over 60 mailbox filters - say I get 20 messages, say 10 are unique filtered messages - well I get 11 windows open on my desktop all different sizes. I have to hurridly click all the warning messages as described aboove and then after all the mail have come in go through each mailbox and tag the messages as read and close them out.

Would be nice to have 1 copy of Eudora open and then have all the mailboxes on the left highlight and show how many new messages are in there so I don't have windows open all over the place.


Ron Brandt

Unfortunately I'm not able to test beta 6 on my Intel Mac because this build crashes on launch and takes Apple's Crash Reporter with it. Posts on VersionTracker suggest that others have the same problem or similar problems.

Cy Cantrell

Another Eudora (paid) user waiting for v8

I have been happily using and patiently waiting for v8.

Just beginning to see that is getting beyond its sell-by date as running it on Vista it can't be set up as default (I get the warning message every time I start) and I can't open attachments direct and have to save them to the desktop first.

But I have not found any other e-mail client that is as good as Eudora.

So I'm patiently waiting for the release version of Eudora 8.

Thank you all for your hard work on this so far - but does anyone have any idea when a release version is likely to be ready?

I am not so computer literate that I dare downloading the Beta version yet.

Very many thanks.



Eudora 8b6 First Comments

I am running Eudora 8b6 on a Mac with OS X 10.4.11. Here are the issues I see:

1) I am experiencing the issue Ron identified with multiple inbox windows popping up with filters on messages. It creates big window proliferation.

2) There's a problem with message attribution: One of the accounts I have defined is that of my wife. We have a family business and, while I never check her mail, I sometimes will send emails for her when she is unable to do so. I just checked my mail and messages came in from her. These were displayed in my Inbox as sent messages (in italics) and the name in the from column was the person to which the note was sent, not that of the sender. Previous releases of Eudora displayed messages in listings as italicized only when they were sent from that computer.

I see the value in this feature for webmail users or people who send notes from different devices. I tend to resolve this with filters, transferring messages from myself into the sent box.

3) The Mailbox menu displays only Local Folders. It does not show accounts listed outside the local folders.

Lastly one feature I loved about the old Eudora I would like to see here was typing the names of the people who sent mail and jumping to their most recent message. I hope you implement it.

Thank you,


Need Help Migrating Nicknames & Mailboxes from 7.1 to 8.x Beta

I've been using Eudora 7.1x Paid Mode for a long time. For reasons I can't explain it started producing frequent error messages ("Eudora, could not open the file for writing, Cause: "The request contains an invalid argument. (22)").

After reading various posts I tried to uninstall & a clean re-install but then I could not even get to the configuration screen - it gave the above error then, after OK, crashed Eudora.

I saved all my old 7.1x nicknames, mailboxes, etc., but have no way of accessing them anymore. After a day of frustration I stumbled upon the 8.0 Beta and have installed it. However, using the Import function does not allow me to point to my files and, even though it says it's successful, nothing happens.

I am very new to this and very desperate. Can anyone offer me help with either bringing in my old folders/files to 8.x or somehow fixing the problem with 7??

Please email me at


Eudora 8.7 beta Filters

First of all I love that this program has a lot of features that Outlook has. It imported my Outlook Express files easily, which was a pleasant surprise. I set up a bunch of filters and closed the filters window and then later when I opened it up again they were gone. Is this a bug? I'm using WIN XP.

Keep up the great work.

Ports and Protocols

In the 6.x.x versions of Eudora, ports were hidden in "Esoteric" settings, and could be changed application-wide only.

Does the 8.x version allow independent port settings for each personality?

Could that be set as a goal?

Thank you.

Eudora for Mac

How many more Beta releases are going to be delivered before the "final" Eudora replacement is released? I have been waiting patiently to see the results of this Mozilla exercise, assuming that something great like Firefox would come out and wow me. Apple's Mail is looking better and better, as my last version of Eudora gets less and less useful. Eudora was the best Mac email client on the planet and doesn't deserve the lack of attention that it is getting.

Take the next iteration and release it with all of its warts and get out of this seemingly endless Beta cycle. All that most of us want is the same functionality and features that we had with the last Qualcomm version as the starting point, You can evolve it as a regular course of business after it is released.

Eudora OSE rc2 install hoses Eudora

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. I don't know what version of Eudora I had (probably 8.0b5) but after I installed OSE, the Eudora application window does not open. I tried installing versions back to 8.0b5, no good.

It's still basically working somehow because I get new mail notifications but I cannot read mail because the application window does not open.

There must have been some kind of registry hosing or something going on. Now I'm without email.

Please advise.

Update: I think the problem might be with the Penelope plug-in. I can start OSE in Safe Mode only and the Eudora/Penelope functionality is disabled. On another computer that runs Windows 7 Home Premium, OSE works fine.

Any way to go back to 8.0b9 (for Mac)?

What's the easiest path to go back to 8.0b9 and still maintain the mailboxes and messages? There are enough things I don't like about OSE to make me want to abandon it. First, every mailbox opens in a new window, not a tab, regardless of the preferences settings. Second, each of these windows is floating, which makes it difficult to arrange Eudora on the screen with other applications. Third, with each mailbox that opens on startup, an alert message appears that freezes processing until it is cleared: "This folder is being processed. Please wait until processing is complete to get messages".

So, is it possible to go back to 8.09b without losing all my data?

Or, is there a way to get OSE to behave like 8.09b?

Eudora OSE 1.0 on Mac, mailbox search and transfer mails

I have been using the old Eudora (6.2 or older) for many years, as I really liked it, but it developed other problems. I tried Thunderbird and version 8 before but I found they were not at the level I could use. I finally found Eudora OSE acceptable, and decided to switch over. I spent a whole week to import all my mail files. The important thing for me is to be able to search mail boxes, as I have hundreds of mailboxes of many different committees, etc., and I constantly sort out incoming mails (and mails I sent out). It was very easy on the old Eudora (6.2): on the Mailboxes window, I click command-F, and type in the name of mailbox I need, then the folder is immediately shown on the Mailboxes window. I wonder why the new version of Eudora cannot do this.

Eudora OSE 1.0 basically does not have a function of searching mailboxes, but I found a clumsy way to do it. I search for some messages that possibly are in the mail box I am looking for. The searched list shows the mail box in which the message is stored. I click on it, then click "Open Folder" button. Then, the mailbox I was looking for opens. This is the only way I could search mailboxes, but it is troublesome, and I really hope it can be made much easier like the old Eudora did.

Another difficulty is message transfer. I cannot move messages from Inbox into mailbox windows. I have to move the message into a folder in Mailbox list, then I end up searching the mailbox manually (Eudora 8 0b9 shows the mailbox folder - why it was changed on OSE?). I could also use right-click on message and choose "Transfer To" option (the mailbox I just opened is listed on top of Recent), but the computer mutes for 15 seconds. I think this is because I have a big size of mail folder (10 GB). Again, the old version (6.2) was so easy, just grab messages into different windows and transfer was instant.

Also, the 15 seconds mute occurs also when I click Transfer, Mailbox, Tools, on the top menu. I think this is the problem only when there are huge amount of mails stored (like me).

Otherwise I really like other aspects of new Eudora OSE. I really hope the problems above will be solved soon.

Thanks YO

I have just downloaded Eudora OSE having been a Eudora user on a Apple Mac for some ten years - yes TEN YEARS. It did not overwrite 6.2.4 but created a standalone second Eudora application icon in my OSX (10.4.11) Applications folder. When I started the install sequence it managed to transfer most of my account settings to the OSE application and is able to receive incoming mail. However it will NOT receive mail - the error message states "Unable to authenticate to SMTP server It does not support authentication (SMTP-AUTH)although you have chosen to use authentication. Uncheck 'Use name and password for that server or contact your ISP - in my case PIPEX a subsidiary of TALKTALK UK.

The SMTP settings are identical as for 6.2.4 which thankfully still works properly. Pipex is unable to help and cannot understand the fault at all.

Pipex do actually offer support on Eudora 6.2.4 but were unable to find any ISP support for Eudora OSE. I have spent several hours posting enquiries on the Mozilla wiki and Thunderbird support sites - after 10 days NOT A SINGLE RESPONSE, I have emailed one of the creators of Eudora OSE, the administrator of and the webmaster at Qualcomm. NOT A SINGLE REPLY !!!!

It is not that there is no active support for Eudora OSE - that I can understand for a free application - but there are no technical support pages, nothing that deals with Authentication problems and above all in the Eudora OSE pages no indication of any support whatsoever for ISPs let alone users.

It is clear that after all the beta years the creators have learnt nothing about marketing or support. Even with this the site I am posting on for a newcomer it took me a long time te find out the + sign is 'Post' or 'contact us' It is clear this site and the Eudora OSE application is intended for very technically skilled people only. I shall keep to 6.2.4 till I transfer over to the OSX Mail application. AFTER 10 YEARS THIS IS A REAL DISAPPOINTMENT LIKELY TO BE SHARED BY MANY OTHER LOYAL EUDORA USERS.

Help seekers should use the forum instead

Most of the first 25 commenters might better have sought help via the "Eudora OSE" forum: