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Comment from bug

Seems like there are buttons all over the place to me. I saw the following a while back and I think it might be a more logical grouping (disregard the fact that this is part of the main options UI, though):

Also, having PrefWindowV-style tabs for Extensions / Themes / Plugins / Search Engines (or whatever) might be more intuitive than having a drop-down list.

Robert Strong 20:10, 5 Mar 2006 (PDT) -- The update button is out of alignment and I am working on better handling of that... perhaps removing it altogether (e.g. just adding it to the context menu) if the solution for update notification is sufficient.

Regarding the wiki you mention... I implemented that and everyone that saw it thought it was just way too many buttons lined up down the side causing it to look way too busy. Everyone that has seen this one implemented has commented on the update button but also commented on that having the other buttons below the item looked good and provided a clear separation between the buttons that applied too all items and those that applied to the selected item.

I am still considering how to best provide selection and though the prefwindow tabs aren't out of the running I am concerned about the amount of space they take (e.g. 12+% of the window in the options panel) and the need to be able to provide dynamic views (e.g. installing, checking for updates, installing updates, etc.). adddendum using the pref window's pane buttons is the current method being implemented.

Extension UI redesign mockup

I've made an Extension UI mockup for Firefox and Thunderbird that I think would be a more consequent look, based on the Firefox 1.5 Bookmarks Manager and Help window.

As you might see I haven't considered the 2.0 features listed in the Article, but that wasn't really my point! My thought was to give an idea of a more consequent disposition, of toolbar at the top and content area to the left.

Furthermore, I would like the Extension UI more like iTunes where the search and everything is handeled in a single XUL UI.

An other related thought, but still maybe a bit off topic, is a Sourceforge like Extension development central. NisseSthlm 17:12, 6 April 2006 (PDT)

There is no way to restrict an extension's options to display them in the ui as you have in your mockup and current extension options are very free form. It may be possible to do so on some future date but that will require defining the structure, what is / is not allowed, etc. for an extension's options first.

I think search may be a good feature if we find that a significant amount of users have enough extensions installed to justify adding it. Otherwise, it should probably be handled by an extension.

Regarding sf - there is already

Robert Strong 14:08, 7 April 2006 (PDT)

I'll answer your answers, one paragraph at a time and explain(?) my point in the paragraphs after those. I'm sorry if my previous post wasn't all that clear. I have a nasty habit of typing these at 2 AM Swedish time! :) And the grammar errors are an effect of not having English as mother toungue! "Consequent" in my above post should be replaced by "Consistent" too.
Not able to restrict: Rome wasn't built in one day! :) I do understand that restrictions aren't necessarily the best option. But I believe that the iTunes-like Extension Manager would be a good thing for the user experience - everything dealing with extensions handeled in a single Firefox XUL window.
Search: Actually, there are no "search" in the mockup. Maybe you are thinking of the "Get More Extensions" button? It might not be the best choice to put it there... Search, though, would be applicable if the Extension Manager was like iTunes. But a Search-input as the on in the "Help" window would be more appropriate.
Mozdev: You're quite right! I don't know why I didn't think of that!
Anyhow... The biggest reason for me to make the mockup was actually to point out that the toolbar should be placed at the top of the window - I realize that I didn't emphasize that enough. Hence the last paragraph below:
When I use Firefox I get the feeling of inconsistency here and there: for example: (1) Why doesn't the Help window back and forward inherit the settings of the main window's look? The default setting of the toolbar in the main window is to NOT show text labels. The only look of the Help window (aswell as the Javascript Console) i to DO show those labels to the right. In Bookmarks manager, the text labels are there too, but below the icons this time. (2) The Extension and Theme Managers, furhermore, have the toolbar at the bottom of the window... It's worth discussing IMO! NisseSthlm 17:36, 15 April 2006 (PDT)
Not able to restrict: Agreed.. my point is in regards to implementing a reasonable solution in the time available and to point out what would prevent myself from being able to implement this in the time available.
Search: I was referring to your statement of "Furthermore, I would like the Extension UI more like iTunes where the search and everything is handeled in a single XUL UI."
Anyhow... The view selection bar is based on the Options / Preferences panel selection bar... it could as easily be said that the new places ui is inconsistent with the Options / Preferences and the new EM ui. At least there will be consistency between these two. :) I'm not saying ui consistency isn't important... just pointing out that there is consistency between these two parts of the ui. Also, a good place to discuss consistency of the ui is in the dev-apps-firefox list Robert Strong 21:34, 17 April 2006 (PDT)