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I like a lot of what I see here. Though, I would prefer that elements stay more rounded and capsule like. It still fits the mac aesthetic but it set Firefox apart from Safari.

I would also like to ask the question of when Firefox will become a fully cocoa app. After seeing some of the nice core animation effects featured in Chrome and Safari Firefox looks dated with almost any theme applied to it. Will 4.0 be cocoa? --Mark2000 01:43, 5 November 2009 (UTC)

Well I think it looks frighteningly bad. Firstly, the profile button is in a terrible place, and there's no need for it to even be there. If people want it, let them put it on the toolbar, like the other technically unnecessary stuff. Secondly, the divide between the title bar (which bears no title, save the out-of-focus tab titles) and the toolbar is very unnatural looking, and while that may be all very well in the anarchistic world of Linux (and oh look, it's the same design as the Linux version too), it looks bug-ugly when in the Mac environment. Thirdly, the tab loading bar is a fairly good idea, but the placement and style is so out of place, it's unbelievable. I know that in a way, tabs on the top of the window is more "logical", but if you can't even get it right, stick with the tabs-under-toolbars model. All in all, this proposed theme is so fantastically ugly that will actually make people wonder whether the upgrade to 4.0 would be worth it. For Heaven's sake, Mozilla, get actual Mac users to design Mac interfaces.

Good grief. I thought the Mac design was bad. And I've just this moment seen the Windows design. It is quite simply the worst "professional" interface I've seen in my life. Honestly. It could easily prompt people to switch to IE, for Heaven's sake.

Please come up with some new and better interfaces, Mozilla. Ones that I could not surpass in my SLEEP. (=Nemesis=) 23:11, 11 November 2009 (UTC)

Go ahead and mock something up, then. I'd like to see it. --Mark2000 21:15, 13 November 2009 (UTC)

Here is my mockup. I started with an image of Firefox 3.5 I found on the internet and then made it better than the interface proposed here. [1] As you can see, it didn't take long. Exactly zero seconds, in fact...(=Nemesis=) 12:18, 21 February 2010 (UTC)

I decided to edit a few of the mockups together to express my ideas. Here are the main changes.

  • The profile user button is removed. It is just more wasted space. Same with the window "pill" button.
  • The home button is removed from the tab bar. It just wastes more space, and is really more suitable as a toolbar button.
  • The tab loading bar is replaced with the "pie chart" progress icon from another mockup. it is much more suitable and fits wonderfully with the theme.
  • The shape of the new tab button is removed, since I find it unnecessary.It would also be much better if -moz-box-flex was used to expand the button to the end of the tab bar. This way, any empty space on the tab bar can be clicked to create a new tab.
  • The identity box label is removed; I never understood why the domain name was placed there. It is just another space waster.
  • It's a small change, but the location bar corners are slightly more rounded.
  • The Downloads button and (I think) Bugzilla buttons are removed. I did not bother to, but they should really match the style of other toolbar buttons.

Squiddy22 03:02, 23 December 2009 (UTC)

What you have there is a major improvement. However, I believe it still badly breaks Apple Human Interface Guidelines and thus looks as alien to Mac OS X as Internet Explorer 7 does to Windows XP (another case of completely ignoring HIG). OK, so space is saved by cutting redundancy between the window title element and the tab title elements. However, this means that people with many tabs open just won't see at a glance what the title is. I have two tabs open and already the title of this page is only 50% visible. (=Nemesis=) 12:25, 21 February 2010 (UTC)