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Fine Grained Control Over Content Displayed

Seems to me that most of these requests really just should be extensions. This sort of fine grained control is not used by most users and seems like it would just add bloat to the basic version.Logicnazi 11:05, 23 October 2006 (PDT)

Unfriendly site changes File system

I put this first into the Discussion, maybe it belongs somewhere else:

debian sarge / firefox 1.04

I happened to hit a site which disabled printing on my box by taking away rights from the /tmp directory. This when I wanted to print. So only root could print thereafter, becauspe cups needs user right on /tmp. Scripts coming from any, trusted or untrusted, site shall not be able to tamper with the filesystem, other than adding a directory when storing a html document. It could have been worse. regards

Flash Object Control as Well as Image Control

Along with being able to prevent images from loading, there should be the same option for flash objects. Many Flash ads are just pictures that are a link to their website, no matter how much it looks like it has buttons. So is it possible to have a feature in the options menu that allows you to block Flash content from chosen sites?