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Hi, I'm new to the mozilla wiki so I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this...

I would like a feature to reload all live bookmarks now. I tether my laptop often, and what happens is this: 1) unsuspend laptop (Firefox is already running) 2) setup uplink via HSDPA modem 3) all LiveBookmarks (of which I probably have 3dozen+) show "Live Bookmarks Failed to Load"

 3.a NOTE this doesn't always happen, but often enough it's quite annoying
 3.b I've thought about decreasing the automagic reload interval, but it seems fixing the application is a better solution than sucking up more bandwidth

4) I have to reload each LiveBookmark individually

I would like a button, either in the Bookmarks menu underneath "Recently Bookmarked" or in Tools, titled "Reload all LiveBookmarks Now"

Currently I am using v3.0.1 on LinuxMint Elyssa.