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Speedier delivery A.k.A auto-update

I THINK The default behaviour should firefox to auto-update invisibly, with a opt-out.

Reason ?

  1. The average user doesn't care about updating (as long as they get newer and fresher
  2. The average user doesnt want to be bothered
  3. We techies aren't the average user
  4. IT departaments aren't the average user
  5. Average user don't want to understand the update process
  6. The average user dont want to be bothered (no error, they really dont)
  7. It will liberate recourses on your end

If needed we can use an LTS (as ubuntu does) so IT departaments can have a secure build and we dont have to suport every one of The releases indefnitly

Develop Mobile Firefox compatible with for Low-end spec (Like memory and resolution)

Many new Mobile devices (Especially on Android) are available in this Low-end segment. And very large number of them are sold in developing markets like India, China, Brazil. Very large audience.

  1. This will also help high end phone as making them work with lower spec also makes them work faster with higher spec phones.
  2. Trim down fats : Keep minimum things in code product. Develop advance features on the top of it.
  3. Tie up with Phone makers (Low end ones are easier :)). Make it default for many, non-geek audience.

Keep Facebook & Twitter integration usage optional

While Integration is a good thing in many cases not everyone desires or trusts dealing with Facebook or Twitter. It would be good for each those social services to have their integration easily disabled if the user desires.

Where I see Firefox

I've watch Firefox grow since I was in the fourth grade. Now I'm going to college. All I can say is wow it has matured. But what I must also say is so has the competition. The things that would truely fix firefox are for the most part in the work. Thinks like:

  • Start up speed (Alot of work has been done here, perhaps sandboxing the ui would work nicer? Load UI even from an generated svg. Then remove the svg? Quick little eye trick to stop it from looking froze buttons could be slightly grayed.)
  • Get tabs actauly moving! This sounds so little but IK my generation. They like things to move smoothly and when they say. If it doesn't work like expected it's assumed out dated ;) )
  • Subtle notification. You know sync promotion, ditch the popups and do the same thing for updates. If your playing black opps online in a future release you don't want firefox to get you killed ;) )
  • Fix app tabs, my friends love these things but it sucks when wikia gives u a nice popup or something and u loose them all.
  • Also keep pop ups from firefox down. Was talking to a guy who I swear wanted to throw his computer because he was setting up his computer and the download managee wouldn't leave him alone. I also found out in that expirince that making open file in folder more exposed would ease alot of pain.

Well I hope these suggestions and feedback help.