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I was thinking that the Download window should have text in a segment of the window all to itself that explains that closing the Download window will not stop the downloads A setting in options will decide whether or not it gets displayed. A sidebar is good, but they should be independent of each other, that is to say they contain the same data, but either or both can be open or closed regardless of the open or closed state of the other. I would like to be able to click on sidebars and tabs to open their contents in a new window, with whether or not that closes the sidebar being a setting in options. [User:hackwrench]

Disable Download manager

By overriding the overlay:

Componentise Download manager- Give flexiblity of enabling/disabling Download manager

Based on the componentization of software ,enabling/disabling of the in built download manager should be provided. A lot of people used download manager which they feel is much faster and uses thread's to download huge files. This is on the principle of giving the user the freedom of choice and enabling him to use the download manager of his choice.

flexibility is the issue. The firefox download manager should be either able to be disabled or have features like multi threaded downloads as well as download information (such as dowload speeds) like download accelerator.

A more robust download mgr?

TrueDownloader was a pretty decent (but buggy) download manager. I had to say goodbye to it since I can't use it since the Firefox 1.5 update unless I use IE. Would it be a good idea to try to implement something like it inside Firefox (maybe by 3 or 4.0?) Just an idea...

How to Get rid of the download manager

There are so many complaints about the inability to disable Firefox's download manager. Why doesn't Mozilla provide the option? For what reason? Are they spying on our downloading, getting kickbacks... what? Do a google and there is no information on getting rid of this. Seems strange why no one can do this? I really like Firefox and its many features, add-ons, themes, etc. but this is a nuisance which forces me to use IE. Any comments or help?