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I really like this idea

A "To help people explore the web better" section is a waste

I see little point to the "To help people explore the web better" set of links. It's subjective and limiting.

Instead of a bunch of bitrotting fishy links, teach people to fish. Something like:

The Web by its very nature is a vast set of links, so we're not giving you a long list of links to notable sites here. Instead, there are portal pages that provide links (Yahoo, your ISP), sites that features new links (digg, reddit, etc.), sites that categorize links (, stumbleupon), directories of links (dmoz), specialized sites for games/music/video, and of course the search engines accessible from the search field at the top right of this browser. Every site want to be the site you visit first, but Firefox is your browser—you decide want links you want to bookmark and which if any you choose as your home page.

The above still provides links. Maybe instead provide search links for each one of those categories. -- Skierpage 14:25, 22 February 2008 (PST)