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Meeting Notes Reverse Order Suggestion and Scrachpad

Just in case the team members would also find most-recently-first meeting lists more accessible, here is a scratchpad script which makes it easy to replace a textarea selection with a reverse-ordered list via scratchpad.

// markdown-sort-iso-date-list-items-reverse.js
// by Maybe
// Sort meeting notes unordered list items in wiki textarea selection in reverse order.
// Select unordered list item lines in a wiki textarea.
// Use Execute->Display (Ctrl+L) in Scratchpad containing this code snippet.
// Copy/paste back over wiki textarea selection.
if (document.activeElement) {
  if (document.activeElement.selectionStart != document.activeElement.selectionEnd) {
    var txt = document.activeElement.value.substring(document.activeElement.selectionStart, document.activeElement.selectionEnd);
  txt.match(/[-\*]\s+.+\b(\d{4}-\d\d-\d\d)\].+\s/g).sort(function (a, b) {
    return b.localeCompare(a);
  else {
    window.alert('Please select unordered list item lines first...');