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I think as it is currently, the goals of the project are not obvious to the reader (nor to myself to say the truth). They are split into three pages and "diluted" into many different paragraphs. Perhaps it would make sense to reduce it to the essential on a single page, and put each distinct goal into a sub-project.

So, what is intellego?

"a single platform for engine developers"

-> what does that mean?

"a unified web service that hosts a number of different language pairs/engines/implementations in the back end"

-> unclear: a web service doesn't host anything.

-> is mozilla hosting the web service and the engines? or is it a web service forwarding to MT providers?

"partnering with existing open MT projects and hooking into their infrastructures"

-> unclear: there are "open source" MT engines, and there are companies using these to provide MT services. I guess you mean partnering with those, right? Does it make a difference what software they use? I guess it's more about being free, right? or not?

"Users insert an URL into a text field, Intellego strips the text nodes from the DOM, runs the text nodes through Intellego, and returns a rendered page in a new tab containing target language text."

-> that's definitely a goal too. While we are at it, covering documents would be a great addition too.

"allows users to select and arrange MT pipelines utilizing multiple MT engines."

-> whose engines? whose infrastructure? who pays? any case, that's the hell of a feature!

"Breaking closed ecosystems... The current machine translation ecosystem is dominated by proprietary, closed systems. This includes their code base, their data collection processes, and public accessibility to their language resources."

-> does this statement implies used services is for fully transparent partners only? ...I mean, they "live" from the fact that people can't simply copy/paste their code/data/processes. the end, it's not clear to me what exactly intellego wants to do.

  • does it only want to make front-ends that forward to MT services?
  • does it want to develop its own MT services?
  • are there requirements to be an MT service provider?