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I would suggest that rather than develop a proprietary solution, that instead the W3C Widgets Packaging and Configuration specification is implemented:

There is already an open-source implementation at ASF:

Internet/Web Access Capability

The W3C Permissions WG does not include the permission for internet/web access. Am I missing something? For many apps the ability to access any web sites is very important. In desktop browsers, however, the same origin policy makes any such apps currently impossible to create.

  • yes, the addition of some sort of cross-domain network access is something that the Permissions group will probably have to take up. -- mhanson

More flexible app url membership

Instead of trying to specify all the app's urls in the manifest via "app_urls", which is inflexible, and potentially hard to maintain, why not have each individual page specify it's app membership. This could be accomplished via a link relation header (, something like...

Link: /manifest.json; rel="application-manifest"