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the question is, how can you make the browser most valuable to the person using it.
the answer is- you cannot. but what you can do is have "SPECTYPES" that match the type of person/use (in discreet classes within the spectrum of business to entertainment) to have a GROUP OF FEATURES/CONTROLS that RENDER (visually) & PROVIDE (contently) & LEND (timely) what suits their needs best. you see, (example) i dont need a site that wants to unload all their content on me - so i need a content LIMITER. i dont want videos jumping out at me because i can read faster than i can watch. and if i am on a handheld (oldschoolforelectronicdevicefromtelcomonthlybilledwithsmallscreen) then i want a VERTICAL ONLY arrangement. so how about helping the really industrious persons like me escape the aggressive advertising 'oops upside your head'. TYVM. thats short for THANKYOUVERYMUCH \&copy\; elvis


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