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  • Aliasing: I think there should be a simple system of aliasing commands that already exist much like you would using BASH in the terminal. For instance, I am an average user and don't really want to investigate how to write lines of code to make exactly what I want--and, what I want already exists. To translate "this" from English to French the command is "translate 'this' from English to French". I want to alias this command to "french". The most complex part is the change in grammar since I want to keep "this" as a variable. So I want to be able to say "french this"... but also be able to say "french pasta" which will spit out "pâtes" or even "french french" which will spit out "français". And of course you could choose any name (not already taken by a command itself) for your alias. I find how ubiquity works not to be cumbersome especially since I often translate in both directions to check myself.

This is my proposal but I didn't think I should add it to the main page. Grenavitar 13:40, 27 November 2008 (UTC)