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While I don't use the address bar's typed-URLs dropdown, a lot of users apparently do. Regressions related to the dropdown get dozens of votes. -Jesse

Context menus for location bar icons

I've been wondering about context menus for these location bar icons: I guess my sense is that all of them should have context menus, and I'm a little suspicious of whether the ones that are inside the URL bar should have click actions (as the security one currently does).

The context menu for the security icon is probably simple: a single "Show Security Info" item that does what clicking on it currently does. (I've typically tried right clicking on these icons before left clicking, and was disappointed to get only the toolbar customization context menu.)

The context menu for the RSS icon is a little more complicated. (I think it also may be a little less critical if it looks more buttonlike, because then the clear first thing to try is clicking on the button.) There's clearly demand for Copy Feed Location for copy and paste into an external feed reader, and perhaps more direct feedreader integration, but all of this is complicated by the fact that there can be more than one feed URL, but usually isn't. To optimize for the normal case but still be somewhat consistent when there are multiple URLs, I'd propose a context menu for the RSS icon that looks like:

 Add Live Bookmark to Feed "News"...
 Add Live Bookmark to Feed "Events"...
 Copy Location of Feed "News"
 Copy Location of Feed "Events"

with the same repetition and pattern, even if there's only one item. I'm not sure what other people will think of that idea; I strongly dislike submenus of context menus, though, and they make it unusually hard for the typical one-feed case.

I also wonder, if users first encounter the RSS icon on a site with multiple feeds and left click on it, whether they'll have any idea what clicking on the feed names in the dropdown will do, and whether they'll try it.

-David Baron

Popup Blocking & Cookies

Would the "popup blocked" icon that currently resides in the status bar fit into the location bar?

Furthermore, a "privacy" or "cookies" icon could also be shown when a site uses cookies.

I'm aware of the fact that we don't want too many icons in the location bar, but some of these could be disabled by default, and when enabled, only shown when relevant.

Daniel Schierbeck

Merging status bar and location bar

I accidentally got into merging the status bar into the location bar when doing implementing a Safari-style progress bar: Fission moves the progress bar either into the background or to the right of the location bar and allows to display the connection status at the right and mouse-over link targets in place of the current page's address. I'm not particularly happy with this solution, but it's nonetheless a suggestion for what to do when not displaying the status bar. -- zeniko 14:24, 1 Mar 2006 (PST)

  • That works great! You really get the feeling of progress. I changed the color to #CDF2BA (stolen from Digg), but I'm still looking for one more suitable for HTTPS sites (when the loc. bar background color is yellow.) I think this is way better than a pie chart! Daniel Schierbeck 07:30, 2 Mar 2006 (PST)

delete/modify bookmarks in location bar

Hi, when searching bookmarks in the location bar, there should be a right click menu with delete and properties links.