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Tried Fennec. Using Sprint EVO 4G with 2.1(update1) Android system. Found some items:

Keyboard-- backspace does not work.

Went to yahoo homepage - Looked good, but top header links did not work.

Like the bookmark setup.

Took me a while to figure out I could push MENU to goto previous page.

Was surprised DL was only 11Mb.

Uninstalled it and will try again later... Be nice to have Firefox on phone..

Xperia X10

the xperia x10 does have the ARMv7 CPU needed but lacks the 2.0+ OS

will be getting the update 2nd half of October

Ihave moved it to compatible devices albeit with a note that OS is not there yet


Samsung Galaxy S II

Tested Firefox Mobile 4.0.1. Everything works like a charm.


Why ARMv7?

First of all I must say I am not that familiar with the ARM CPUs but I mus say I was somewhat surprised that my phone - which runs Android 2.2 quite smoothly - cannot run firefox.

Problem is that teh processor is "just" an ARMv5 ... seems I am out of luck with firefox.

Samsung Galaxy GIO S5660M Armv6

Another phone to add to the unsupported list because of ArmV6 CPU :(

I was going to add it to the page, but edit's are disabled.

ASUS Transformer EEE Pad

Should be added to the list of supported products.

supported and not supported devices

just tried and found that LG Optimus Chic E720 and Jpad WM8650 (or called as Wondermate WM8650) is not compatible with firefox mobile and should be added to not support list while Archos 32 internet tablets able to run firefox normally and should eb added to support list.

ZTE Skate / Orange Monte Carlo

This is another ARMv6 mobile.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus (i9001)

I am running Firefox Beta (since 11) and Aurora (since 12) on my Galaxy S Plus (GT-i9001), no major problems found. Also quite snappy with the 1.4GHz ARMv7. Just, as the RAM is a little tight on that device: don't try to run both at once.

Huawei Ascend Y 200 (U8655)

This model differs from the other Ascend versions. The processor is based on ARMv7 (so it shouldn't be listed in the not compatible list).

Link to single locale l10n build

NativeUI Fennec will have single UI locale build, not only multi-locale build but current page don't have link to the FTP dir. Please include link to:

Asus Transformer Pad TF300T

Hello, I have an Asus Transformer Pad TF300T tablet, running Android 4.0 (Ice cream sandwich), but it seems having a Tegra 3 T30L Quad Core processor... Is it possible to make run Firefox on this tablet?

Thanks ;)

PS: I'm French, sorry if my English is not good...

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim

Just got my Samsung Proclaim for straight talk, and it is fully functional with the Firefox browser. If someone with editing rights could add the phone to the listing that would be great. I almost didn't get the phone because it wasn't listed as compatible for the browser, good thing I took a chance and checked it anyway. Link to Proclaim Specs -- Isk8 20:06, 8 January 2013 (PST)

HTC Wildfire S

Firefox is officially supported as of today (26 feb 2013) in Google Play on HTC Wildfire S, and it's running correctly, but it's still listed as not supported on this page.