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URI v.s. GUID, in terms of synchronization

In case of 2 bookmark sources (one is local, the other is remote).

Bookmark Source I       Bookmark Source II       Merged Source
  Fruits                   Fruits                  Fruits
    Apple                    Apple                   Apple
    Banana          +        Grape           =       Banana
    *Separator*              *Separator*             Grape
    Cherry                   Orange                  *Separator*
  • The identifier of directory "Fruits" in I is same as one in II and Merged one?
  • The identifier of separator in I is same as that in II and Merged one? How to ensure that? A user may delete the separator and create it again. Then the identifier is still unique?
  • How to ensure "Grape" is above the separator, and "Cherry" is beneath that?
  • After sorting Merged Source by name, where are "Grape" and "Cherry"?
  • We really have to support separator at the back end?


Bookmark Source I       Bookmark Source II       Merged Source
  Fruits                  Fruits                  Fruits
    SubDir#1                SubDir#1                SubDir#1
      Apple                   Apple                   Apple
      Banana        +         Grape           =       Banana
    SubDir#2                SubDir#2                  Grape
      Cherry                  Orange                SubDir#2

is equivalent to the first chart. "Fruits" is a named directory, "SubDir#1" is a nameless directory. The nature of separator is opened directories and simply a trick for UI. At least, the latter model simplifies the sorting issues.--Torisugari 04:24, 29 October 2006 (PST)

In response to the comments by Torisugari

  • URI vs GUID: I didn't catch any discussion of one versus the other, so not really sure what the arguments are here.
  • Re: Local folder "Fruits" vs. remote folder "Fruits" - I think each should have a unique identifier. When first syncing legacy datastores there will be lots of dupes. But after the initial cleaning, all subsequent syncs will be far less error prone than using like-ness heuristics to figure out if folders or bookmarks are "the same".
  • Re: Supporting separators - I think that truly syncing "bookmarks" involves supporting the related UI constructs: Folders and separators. I think that supporting separators is not hard, and there is not a substantial downside to doing so. Extensions can always choose to ignore them when syncing or integrating.
Dietrich 11:57, 6 November 2006 (PST)