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I guess this is the place to add some remarks about the future of bookmarks.

So here are a couple of ideas I've had for a while. I hope you would find some interesting concept in it.

I think there are two kind of bookmarks, for two different purpose :

  • The classic bookmarks are shortcuts to places we often visit. They should be easily accessible (in preference in bookmark toolbar). This includes main web portals, web mail accounts, usefull services (maps, cinema, wikipedia, etc ....
    Such bookmarks are to be well organized and clean. The folder tree that is used to store them does matter.
  • The other type of bookmarks is more like a flag you would set on a specific site to say : Hey ! I like it.
    You won't visit it often, but you want to remember it. You'll eventually return to it and explore it more deeply when you have time to. You may want to mark it as read when you have done with it. Here, I see it more like a unidimensional thread. There should be facilities to search in it, but you won't take time to organize it. I think that a system of tagging (keywords) is more appropriate here. Ideally, one would be able to tag a file in one click. We won't ask the user to organize such bookmarks. We

Here, we are closer to a "one time use" approach. The concept is near to RSS feeds, blogs. Some "social" web services already provide this kind of stuff, like Furl for example.

So to conclude, I think we should provide a tagging facilities to complete the possibility to sort bookmarks. A special view of recent "unread" bookmarks would be great too, and also the possibility to search through these keywords.

Another great nice-to-have that could be built in firefox is the possibility to synchronize all bookmarks with a central repository on the web (FTP, RPC interface, ...).

The BookMarks Synchronizer Extension already does that, but it has not been updated for a while and is not that stable.